We are a few months away from the 2023 summer vacation and a trip to the Pacific coast could be a very good plan, this post “What clothes should I take to Acapulco?” this will help you…

Pleasure trips are always a reason for great emotion, thinking about enjoying a few days of rest and fun motivates organizing every detail to make the most of those days.

Regarding the travel suitcase, there are those who choose to take everything, others on the contrary take as little as possible, in any of these cases there are no guarantees that you will have everything you need, something is always missing or at least you have the feeling that you could have taken something and didn’t.

But do not despair, we are going to analyze a little the topic of what clothes I should take to Acapulco so that you can assemble your suitcase perfectly without failing in the attempt.

Traveling to Acapulco, tips to prepare your suitcase

The tourist offer in Mexico is very wide, each of its destinations always has a proposal regardless of the time of year in which you visit it; Acapulco, one of the first tourist attractions in the country, is no exception.

If you are going to travel to that beautiful coastal city, it is a good idea to evaluate some points before defining what you are going to take in your suitcase and, of course, what clothes should I take to Acapulco.

Acapulco Climate

Among the main issues to take into account when you are going to visit Acapulco is the weather, a point that will definitely influence what you are going to include in your travel suitcase.

The good thing is that Acapulco has a pleasant climate all year round, the sun warms up nicely and the beach will be there for you to enjoy without fear. The average minimum temperature is 18°C ​​and the maximum is 32°C.

The important thing here is to consider that the months from November to May are the driest, the weather is hot but not as hot as in summer and the nights are more pleasant and slightly cooler.

On the contrary, the months of June to October-November are the rainy season and hurricanes, in addition, the heat is much more intense, especially in the months of June, July and August.

Activities that can be done in Acapulco

Acapulco is a beach destination and therefore visiting some or all of them is a highly recommended activity, each one has its charm with different waves and activities to enjoy during the day and at night.

Walking around the city is an excellent idea, there are several areas to visit, the traditional, the golden area and the newer area, find details in our special post here.

And don’t forget that you have attractive tours and places to visit such as the Veladero Acapulco National Park and the Palma Sola Archaeological Zone that is located there, the Grutas de Cacahuamilpa Acapulco National Park is another must-see site and there are surely many options that you will love enjoy.

The nights in Acapulco should also be taken into account, there are many places to have a good time, little bars on the beach, the nightclub area or enjoy a pleasant walk through the zócalo, all plans that will not disappoint you.

Company during your trip to Acapulco

Although it may seem strange to some, the companions on your trip will influence the assembly of your suitcase.

If you go as a family it is not the same as if you travel with friends and neither do you decide to wear the same clothes if the trip is romantic; for each occasion there will be a selection of clothes and shoes that fit your list of what to wear to Acapulco…

Number of days of travel and type of suitcase

To conclude this review regarding the issues that you should take into account when preparing to travel to the beautiful coastal city, we cannot stop talking about the number of days that you are going to be there and the size of your suitcase.

It is clear that going for a weekend is not the same as going for a week or two on vacation; The number of outfits that you will need will vary, although this may be relative if you are a teacher in the art of combining your clothes and you use a laundry room, either at the hotel or at one that they can recommend.

On the other hand, which suitcase will be chosen, a medium one or a 25 kg one… A lot will depend on the type of flight you bought or if you go by truck, the 25 kg one may be an option.

Your tastes and priorities will be the keys to your choice…

What clothes should I take to Acapulco?

Suitcase bound for Acapulco

With the details mentioned, I’m sure you already have a better idea of ​​what clothes I should take to Acapulco, all that remains is to stand in front of your closet and select the appropriate clothes, shoes, and accessories.

The good thing about packing your suitcase ahead of time is that you can take advantage of the first sales to buy what you need and thus save your money to enjoy your well-deserved walk through Acapulco without depriving yourself of anything.

The swimsuit cannot be missing for women and men, depending on the number of days it will be appropriate to take more than one option.

It is recommended for your trips to the beach, it does not matter if it is to Playa del Carmen, Los Cabos, Vallarta or Acapulco, to wear a long-sleeved swimsuit with UV protection, so you avoid putting on so much sunscreen and contaminating the sea or river water that you can visit

It also adds, it does not matter if you are a man or a woman, a boy or a girl, wear light-colored clothes and light fabrics such as linen or cotton, the heat can be very intense.

A good hat or cap cannot be missing and it is a good idea to bring water shoes, two options that you can also buy on the spot, but if you already have them, why spend.

When choosing footwear, do not hesitate to grab the most comfortable ones, those that allow you to walk and walk without worrying and just spend your time enjoying yourself, you will appreciate it.

A jacket for the air conditioning at the airport or on winter dates will do and remember to analyze if it is rainy season, a raincoat will be very useful, consider adding those protectors to prevent your shoes from getting wet, they weigh nothing and they can help you.


Do not forget to wear a very nice outfit for that day of photos in the best spots of the place…

And the last and most important thing will not be what clothes I should take to Acapulco but your desire to have a great time and enjoy yourself, destination will not disappoint you.

What clothes should I take to Acapulco?

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