With regard to clothing, it could be said that there are two types: the one that openly responds to a need and the one that has to do with an aesthetic intention. The clothes impermeablewhich interests us here, belongs to the first group.

Like the raincoats for rain are clothing that meets a precise need, the protection of other garments such as shirts for men, the criteria for choosing them is complex. Therefore, not knowing them can be a problem.

Next, we share the five keys to choose a waterproof jacket with good judgement.

5 keys to choosing a raincoat

1. Screens

It may be obvious, but the first thing to analyze about a raincoat is the fabric. These types of water-resistant fabrics differ between those that repel water completely and those that do so partially.

If our intention is to protect our black shirt man, we must be attentive to this difference. In addition, these variants have a correlation in the composition and weight of the fabric, which we must also attend to.

2. Mobility

From what was said in the previous point, it follows that not all fabrics have the same functionality and movement. maybe the classic yellow raincoat be good at protecting our men’s shirts, but it may not allow us much more.

To take this matter into account, the key is to try on different models with the clothes that we will probably wear together. In this way, we can have an idea of ​​the comfort or not of the garment.

3. Wearing occasion

Of course, the comfort depends largely on the type of use that we will give it. Since it will not be the same motorcycle raincoat than one for the office, where you only have to protect our shirts for men on the way to work.

When choosing a good impermeable, this is a key factor that we must not ignore. No one wants to invest the money that a garment of this type may cost in something that does not serve the true use that we will give it.

4. Fabric breathability

Fabric Breathing Waterproof

Just as the fabric is important in relation to waterproofing, it is also important in terms of the breath it allows. Many raincoats, especially those made of more plastic materials, do not perform well in this regard.

Which implies that perhaps our white shirt man or any garment that we are wearing underneath will end up sweaty and dirty, something that is not desirable at all.

5. Extras

Finally, speaking of a good impermeable not everything is the protection of clothing, such as men’s shirts, but some extras are also important. In this sense, to begin with, the pockets and the hood will be essential.

On the other hand, it is important to consider the type of closure and the presence or absence of a thermal lining. The latter has to do with the importance of providing insulation against the cold, as well as protection against water.

After these keys, we will know how to choose our impermeable perfect to protect our man shirts and any other clothes we wear.

Source: https://www.edy.com.mx/2022/09/cuales-son-las-5-claves-para-elegir-un-impermeable-de-calidad/

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