By: Marisela Wyckoff

Hello travelers, we are a traveling family and this time we are going to tell you about our beautiful experience in the Nara park in Japan, where we went with our first daughter so she could interact and feed the deer.

It was an experience that my husband, my daughter and I enjoyed; We loved being able to live together and feed the deer, a sacred animal for the Japanese. They are animals that are imposed on people, they come to ask you for cookies, and they sell them right there, they can make it a bit difficult for some.

One knocked my baby down and hit us with his head, but from then on the majority are well behaved.

If you go to Japan, we 100% recommend a mandatory stop at Nara Park and just a few minutes away you will find the Todaji Temple, where you will find one of the largest Buddhas in Japan.

We went for the fall season and the landscape was very beautiful.

It is an ideal place for all types of travelers.


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