Victoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe
Tourists contemplate the beauty of Victoria Falls

I never imagined that that roar of the Zambezi River and the Victoria Falls Falling off the incredible waterfall of 108 meters high caused me so much pleasure or admiration. Mosi oa Tunya, as it is known by the indigenous people (which means the smoke that thunders), or Victoria Falls, as the Scottish explorer and missionary David Livingston renamed it in honor of its queen Victoria in 1855, is undoubtedly one of the natural wonders of the world.

The visit to the Victoria Falls put the finishing touch to our trip to zambia. We went there as soon as we finished our visit to the South Luangwa National Park. Both destinations (Victoria and South Luangwa) are our top recommendations what to see in Zambialike the visit to the Kafue National Park and the realization of canoe safari along the Zambezi River.

Victoria Falls, Zambia-ZimbabweVictoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe
Victoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe

This two-minute video summarizes our visit to Victoria Falls, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1989. I uploaded it to YouTube channel a few weeks ago, to which I encourage you to subscribe by clicking on the link.

Video summary of our visit to Victoria Falls

Visit the Victoria Falls It’s a nice way to end a trip to Zambia. We went there in one of the transfers that Dens Safaris had provided us, the local agency with which we organized this new trip to Africa.

Its Safaris en ZambiaIts Safaris en Zambia

Once there you realize how beautiful and spectacular it is to see the Zambezi heading at full speed towards the abyss. The 60 million liters of water that fall every minute along its 1.7 kilometers wide during the rainy season (January to May, when it has its maximum flow) produce a thunderous but at the same time beautiful noise.

Victoria Falls, Zambia-ZimbabweVictoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe
Victoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe

Las Victoria Falls They act as a natural border with Zimbabwe. Since I had many doubts about how to visit them (I didn’t know if it was better to see them in Zambia or Zimbabwe, to visit them in the morning or afternoon, how and if it was easy to cross the border, if it was worth flying over them by helicopter…) in this article in addition to To show you in photos the beauty of the landscape and the lodge where we stayed, I will try to answer the most frequently asked questions that arise when you decide to visit them. I hope in this way to contribute to making your visit to this corner of the world an unforgettable experience.

See Victoria Falls from Zambia or Zimbabwe. Where is it better from?

Since the Victoria Falls They can be enjoyed from Zambia and from Zimbabwe I will try to give you a clear answer to the eternal question: Better to see them from Zambia or Zimbabwe? In my opinion, the answer is very simple. I had read in different media that from Zambia the views of the falls are less spectacular than from Zimbabwe, and that is true. However, I suggest that you consider that, since you are there, that you have spent a lot of money on flights, accommodation, tickets to national parks and that you may not be returning in your life, you see them from both sides. Even if you pay twice as much (you have to pay for a visa and entry into both Zambia and Zimbabwe), the experience will be worth it.

Victoria Falls, Zambia-ZimbabweVictoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe
Victoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe

The starting point to see the Victoria Falls from Zambia is the city of Livingston. From Zimbabwe is the town of Victoria Falls, in honor of the falls.

How much does it cost to visit them?

The entrance to the Victoria Falls In Zambia it costs about $30. If you decide to cross the border to visit them in Zimbabwe you will have to pay another $30 for entry plus the Zimbabwe entry visa ($30). But be careful, upon your return to Zambia you must pay another $40 visa fee again, unless upon your arrival at some of the airports in Zambia or Zimbabwe you paid the UNIVISA (also known as KAZA VISA), a common visa for Zambia and Zimbabwe. which means paying a fixed amount to go from one country to another as many times as you want. Please inform yourself about this possibility at the passport control booth upon arrival in Zambia or Zimbabwe.

Victoria Falls, Zambia-ZimbabweVictoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe
Victoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe

Is it easy to cross the Zambia-Zimbabwe border?

Yes, very simple. If you are in Zambia you only have to follow these three steps: 1) stamp (the exit) your passport by going to the booth set up by the Government of Zambia, 2) cross the Zambezi metal bridge for about 10 minutes to reach the border and 3) stamp your passport (entry into Zimbabwe) at the passport control booth in Zimbabwe. Once sealed, you walk another 5-10 minutes towards the access to the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and that’s it, enjoy again! In the following map I show you where these places are located.

Is the route to see Victoria Falls very long?

Let’s see, don’t be lazy. You are facing one of the most impressive natural wonders in the world. Are you not willing to see them from a thousand different angles? Of course, don’t be in a hurry and enjoy them! In both Zambia and Zimbabwe the route is very well signposted. Following the narrow tracks or walkways you will get the best views to contemplate and photograph.

How long do I need to see Victoria Falls?

We spent between two and three hours in Zambia and about two hours in Zimbabwe (we ran out of time). In Zimbabwe we were relieved a lot because we had planned to get on a helicopter to contemplate this beautiful natural landscape from the highest in the sky.

Victoria Falls, Zambia-ZimbabweVictoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe
Victoria Falls Walkways, Zambia-Zimbabwe

What clothes to wear

Although they say it is advisable to bring a raincoat, we did not. We wanted to soak ourselves in the water of the roar of the Zambezi. Keep in mind that with the heat of Southern Africa in a few minutes you will be very dry. Don’t bring anything, be naughty and enjoy like a child!

Victoria Falls, Zambia-ZimbabweVictoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe
Victoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe

What activities to do in Victoria Falls

There are numerous activities to do in the surroundings of the Victoria Falls. The best known are:

Victoria Falls Private Tour. You will be picked up from your hotel in Livingstone and head towards the Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park, on the Zambian side.

Victoria Falls, Zambia-ZimbabweVictoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe
The Zambezi Bridge connects Zambia and Zimbabwe. It’s where you can go bungee jumping

Puenting: For about $150 you can jump into the white waters of the Zambezi River from the metal bridge that separates Zambia from Zimbabwe. It didn’t even cross our minds. Seeing the most daring jump into the void is something that makes your hair stand on end. Have you seen it in the previous video?

Rafting: Zambezi rafting is said to be some of the best in the world. It is pure adrenaline but be careful, it is said that the Zodiak capsizes easily. It costs about $130 if you can book at this link.

Bathing in the falls: for another $130 you can enjoy the risk of bathing in the Devil´s pool, or devil’s pool. You can do this activity in the dry season (September to December) in order to avoid being swept away by the current and falling into the void.

Sailing on the Zambezi: Sailing the Zambezi at sunset is very popular. This excursion, perhaps the most economical of all, allows you to see up close the most characteristic vertebrate fauna of the place: crocodiles, elephants, hippos… as well as some brutal sunsets. We had a reservation but we didn’t arrive on time and we missed the boat.

Zip line: cross the Zambezi on a zip line or High Wire at a price between $30 and $60. The reservation point is located right at the beginning of the bridge.

Cross and hike to Chobe National Park in Botswana to see the highest density of elephants in the world.

Have a good tea: just what we did on the terrace of our hotel at the end of the day; Without a doubt, the least dangerous activity.

Helicopter: You can fly over Victoria Falls by helicopter or ultraligero from $130. We went up to one of them for 15 minutes with the company Show air, a highly recommended experience. From above the spectacle is frankly wonderful and very different from what it is from the catwalks at ground level. The helicopter makes several turns, from one side to the other, from top to bottom… The 15 minutes of flight were very intense and did not feel short at all. There are 30-minute flight options (about $300). If you want to reserve a place visit this link.

Victoria Falls, Zambia-ZimbabweVictoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe
Victoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe
Victoria Falls, Zambia-ZimbabweVictoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe
Victoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe

Where to sleep to see Victoria Falls

We stayed in the city of Livingston (Zambia), specifically in the Waterfront Lodge. The lodge, located on the banks of the Zambezi, is highly recommended, so if you want to reserve it click on this link. It has a swimming pool, bar and restaurant where they serve fast food (quality) at a good price.

Victoria Falls, Zambia-ZimbabweVictoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe
Waterfront Lodge, Livingston (Zambia)

Insurance for traveling to Zambia

When traveling to Africa and other “special” destinations it is highly recommended to take out good travel insurance. You can hire it through our blog and get a 5% discount for being a reader of

Why visit Victoria Falls

For a thousand reasons: because it is a natural area of ​​overwhelming beauty, because it is a World Heritage Site, because it is nature in its purest form, because it inspires peace and tranquility, because it is located between two countries where you can help improve the local economy… but above all, because this balcony overlooking the Zambezi riverNo matter where you look at it, it is a postcard landscape that leaves you captivated by representing the most beautiful things in nature.

Victoria Falls, Zambia-ZimbabweVictoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe
With Kike and Elise

Visiting Victoria Falls translates into happiness, an experience that you will never forget. And if you don’t believe it, look how it ended, Kike, me and our new Dutch friend Elise, who we met in this beautiful corner of Africa, with whom we shared four extraordinary days of the trip and who we will never forget. The three of them, happier than partridges…

Victoria Falls, Zambia-ZimbabweVictoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe
The best jumping without a doubt, that of Elise and Kike
Victoria Falls, Zambia-ZimbabweVictoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe
…this is mine, which isn’t bad either


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