If you couldn’t enjoy a few days of vacation in July and August, but you really need a break, take a break for a couple of days, check out a good destination in this post “Val’Quirico What to do?“.

Living in Mexico has its advantage, and that is that the number of places for tourism is so great that, wherever you live, you check your map, and choose which is your best option…

A short trip of one or two days or a good vacation of a week or more, everything is possible…

If you live in Mexico City, the State of Mexico, Puebla, Cuernavaca, Pachuca, Orizaba, even Veracruz, the distances to get to know Val’Quirico are so short that it cannot be an excuse not to go.

But if you still haven’t decided, here are some reasons that will help you have no more doubts that you have to visit this incredible site.

Photo: Val’Quirico, official Facebook

Val’Quirico is a real estate development that many confuse with a magical town, although it is not… Its architecture inspired by the European countryside, especially Italian Tuscany, and its medieval style transport you to that beautiful era.

You can visit it from 9 in the morning until 11 at night, although it also has accommodation options. You will find 4 hotels where you can spend the night, they are Posadas aBanza (pet friendly), Villa Toscana, Hotel Canaria and Bella Toscana.

This residential complex has large dimensions that are on a par with a small town with a unique urban model; It has 4 neighborhoods, where the base, private homes, restaurants, cafes, a variety of shops, galleries, hotels and other buildings with purposes appropriate to the needs of the place are distributed.

Access to the complex is free, you only have to pay the parking service if you go by private car; the price is from Monday to Friday $50.00 MXN and Saturday, Sunday and holidays $100.00 MXN (in case of a tour with many people you have to contact those responsible for the place).

Another fact that may interest you is that special celebrations can be held in the complex, it has spaces and services that become imposing settings for beautiful celebrations.

And we cannot fail to mention how beautiful it is to go to this walled mini-city during special times such as the Day of the Dead, an experience that will surprise you. You can check their calendar of activities on their social networks.


Where is Valquirico located?

This beautiful residence is located in the valley below the volcanoes that connect Puebla with Tlaxcala, on the road to Xoxtla, municipality of Santa Isabel Tetlatlahuca belonging to the state of Tlaxcala.

Due to its location, close to large urban centers, it is a perfect place for a getaway or a vacation; You find it 2 hours from Mexico City, 40 minutes from Puebla, 30 minutes from Tlaxcala, 1 hour 40 minutes from Pachuca, 2 hours and a half from Cuernavaca and Orizaba.

Photo: Val’Quirico, official Facebook

What to do in Val’Quirico?

The beauty of this destination will truly leave you speechless, so it’s a good idea to arrive early to tour it and enjoy all that it has to offer.

Among the activities to do there you will have options such as visiting art galleries where you can admire the works of outstanding artists and on your walk you will surely be able to appreciate the live shows around the zocalo.

Likewise, in this place full of magic you have to experience something special, visit Time Machines, where you can cheer yourself up to an old-style photo session or, why not, a different proposal, also the flash mob and the open-air theater They are options that will fascinate you.

If you go with your group of friends, don’t miss the escape room, a very fun and adrenaline-filled activity where you will test your physical agility and mental speed to solve puzzles and thus manage to escape from a themed room in record time.

Another good proposal is to practice your aim in archery or learn baseball techniques, different activities to enjoy in a pleasant environment.

On weekends, at the La Birota cafeteria, in addition to enjoying a delicious coffee or a delicious popsicle, you can rent a bicycle to ride along its recreational track.

If you like horses, the equestrian center will be your place; its stables are very beautiful and you will have the opportunity to take riding lessons, see exhibitions and ride a horse, a unique experience. Lavender plantations will be a plus for your sight and sense of smell.


Photo: Val’Quirico, official Facebook


Photo: Val’Quirico, official Facebook

What to do with children?

If you go in the company of the little ones, they will love a pony ride; another alternative for them could be the toy library, it has spaces to play and have fun for as long as they want.

In addition, the safe carousel is a must see and if that is not enough, you can choose to take a ride in a car, go to the movies, visit the bird sanctuary, all good entertainment options that they may like.


Where and what to eat?

Add to all of the above a wide variety of shops to find nice souvenirs of your visit and take the time to choose your favorite restaurant, the culinary offer is specially prepared to delight you.

Some options are cuts of meat at Fahrenheit 250, Italian cuisine menus at Otelo or NUC, Out of Africa surprises with its South African grill and exotic cuts, La Ruta de los Vinos is the restaurant with a French menu, for Spanish food visit Mesón de Los Reyes, La Catrina with delicious Mexican dishes or Lack Envido with Argentine food, seafood at Pepish and many more.

If you just want to cool off, there are several bars with classic cocktails, mixology, an oyster bar, Mexican spirits and spirits, a Cuban bar and an Irish bar, all with service and atmosphere to enjoy.

You can also delight yourself with churros, chocolates, coffees, ice creams, sweets, there are many proposals to delight your palate.


Photo: Val’Quirico, official Facebook


Photo: Val’Quirico, official Facebook

Tips for your visit

Wear comfortable clothes to walk, they are stone streets and the routes can be long. During the day it can be hot, but at night it cools down, depending on the season, bring a light sweater or something warmer.

Val’Quirico is pet friendly, you can bring your pet that must be under your supervision at all times. The place has several stations so you can drink water and you can find bags to collect your waste. There are other indications on the web.

Access with food and drinks is not allowed.

No camping or picnicking at this location.

In case of using means of transport such as bicycles or motorcycles, you should consider that, in the first case, if you can use it within the place (respect some places where it is not allowed); but if you go by motorcycle, you must leave it in the parking lot.

If you go with a large group in a van or van type vehicle that has 8 or more seats, you must contact us to know the special procedure for that case.

If you decide to go by taxi from a nearby destination, it is advisable to agree with the same transport for your return since the complex does not have that service.

Before your visit you can check the social networks of the complex to find out if there are special events.

Depending on the day of visit and if you want to eat at a particular restaurant, it is recommended, from the moment you arrive at the complex, to check for the waiting list. In any case, there are many charming places with very good gastronomy and service to enjoy your food.


Photo: Val’Quirico, official Facebook

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