Knowing our state of health is essential to lead a healthy and balanced lifeand one of the best ways to find out is to perform a urine test with which our doctor will be able to detect and control a wide variety of disorders, among which high Microalbuminuria stands out.

Urine test What does it consist of?

Urine test What does it consist of?

A urine test basically consists of checking the color of our urine, its appearance, that is, if it is dark or clear, its pH level (acidity), its smell.

Also, a urine test consists of knowing if there are substances that should not be in the urineFor example, in the case of high microalbuminuria, if it is present in the urine it can indicate the first signs of kidney disease, so we must start immediately with the best available treatment.

We can also know if there are bacteria or other germs in the urine and if they should be in it or not, and if so, at what levels.

In case unusual results are found in the urine test then it is very likely that other tests will be needed to find the source of the problem.

What Do Urine Tests Reveal?

What Do Urine Tests Reveal?

Besides the Microalbuminuria Below urine tests can detect manifestations of diseases such as diabetes.

This is done through a test that measures the amount of glucose (sugar) in our urine sample; if glucose is present in the urine it is known as glucosuriawhich is precisely the presence of glucose in the urine at very high levels.

The exam is very simple, and it does not hurt, since all that is needed is to perform normal urination in a container specifically designed for it, that is, a sterile container, and wait for the results.

When urine tests are done they can also reveal urinary tract infectionsas well as hematuria, which is the presence of blood in the urine, which may be due to conditions in the prostate, bladder, or kidneys.

How to Prepare for a Urine Test

How to Prepare for a Urine Test

As we mentioned, performing a urine test is painless, unless there is a disease that causes a lot of pain when you urinate.

When only a urine test is carried out, you can eat and drink before taking the test, unless of course your doctor tells you that you cannot do it, or that you can and that you cannot do it before, during, and after the test. urine test.

Of course, you should notify your doctor or laboratory specialist what medications, vitamins or supplements you are taking, as these could affect the results.


Finally, you should know that a urine test by itself does not provide a definitive diagnosis, so depending on the reason why you have been recommended to take the test, timely follow-up will be needed to diagnose exactly what the disorder is. you suffer

Finally, nunca te auto diagnosticsnever self-medicate, since only a health professional can provide you with the proper diagnosis and treatment, with a urine test being one of the best ways to know your state of health.


It will always be very important Consult with a health professional before consuming any medication or dietary supplement.

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