Typical Sicilian food is one of the best in Italy. You will find places full of history, paradisiacal beaches and of course, They could not miss the typical Sicilian dishes. what it does unique to Sicilian cuisine are the ingredients of the region but also his techniques, fruit of the influence of the nations that have conquered Sicily over the years such as the Phoenicians from North Africa, the Greeks, the Romans, the Normans and the Spanish, among others. It has to be said the secret of typical Sicilian food is thanks to its past! There is nothing better in the world than admiring Sicilian tourist gems while enjoying their food. we tell you the 10 best dishes of typical Sicilian food, you will not regret it!


1. aranciniour favorite typical Sicilian food

We are sure that once you try the arancini You will want to eat them even for breakfast! This dish is the specialty of typical Sicilian food. It consists of a breaded and fried ball filled with a creamy risotto. The most typical is stuffed with ragù sauce, but you will find many more presentations. Our favorites are he butter arancini (ham, bechamel sauce and mozzarella cheese) and spinach. Just remembering them makes our mouths water!

This dish originated in the Arab domination, between the 9th and 11th centuries. The Arabs used to roll a small ball of saffron rice in the palm of their hand and then season it with lamb. They use to name their dishes with names of fruits, That is why they called it “arancina” which means “little orange”.

There has always been a debate between two cities. In Catania they call it “orange while around Palermo tells her “rice ball. ¡arancini, orange o rice ballAnyway, this dish takes any prize!

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typical sicilian food
Eating a delicious arancini in Taormina

2. Sicilian cannolia good dessert of the typical dishes of Italy

Sicily can also boast of having specular desserts. He cannoli It is a tube of fried puff pastry, filled with ricotta and mixed with pieces of pistachios. You can also find them made with chocolate filling. They are perfect to crown any Sicilian lunch. ohSo good that they are even one of the island’s biggest exports! So you can find them in bakeries all over Italy.

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typical sicilian food
The delicious cannoli, a real delicacy!

3. Pasta alla Normathe most famous of the typical food of Italy

This dish is the symbol of Sicilian food. And the best version of the Norma pasta you will find it in Catania, Your place of origin. It is the perfect combination of pasta with the local tomatoes, aubergines, garlic, basil and salty ricotta. It is an excellent option for vegetarians. You can’t leave the island without trying the best known dish of typical Sicilian food!

Name Norma comes from the 19th century opera of the same name and in honor of Norma, the famous lyrical composition of Vincenzo Bellinithe famous composer born in Catania. They are all true masterpieces, including the pasta!

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A typical dish from Catania

4. caponata

This plate of typical Italian food you will find it on menus throughout Europe. It is a stew made of aubergines, pine nuts, raisins and a lot of vinegar. It is eaten at room temperature normally as aperitif. It is best to put it on a good bread. A hit among the typical Sicilian dishes!

The name comes from the termcapone“, which refers to a type of fish called dolphinfish which is very rare, prestigious, expensive and typical of Malta. This was eaten by aristocrats and served with the same sweet and sour sauce. It is said that, as poor peasants and farmers, they could not afford the price of this fish. they replaced it using large pieces of eggplant, thus they achieved this wonderful dish.

5. Pasta with sardinesthe star dish of typical Sicilian food

If you really like fish, this combination with pasta is perfect. This plate of typical Italian food It is made up of pasta, fresh sardines, salted anchovy fillets and wild fennel turned into a sauce. In addition, the extra touch is given by the pine nuts, raisins and saffron. The pasta for this dish is the bucatinia kind of spaghetti with a hole in the center.

This dish was born during the Arab military campaign in Syracuse. It is said that the general Euphemius of Messinacommander of the Byzantine fleet, shipwrecked on his way to Sicily and had no provisions. So he ordered an Arab chef to prepare a dish using whatever ingredients he could find.

Pasta with sardines is he most popular pasta dish with fish in Sicily. The combination of ingredients may sound a bit strange to you, but let yourself go and you will see that It’s a great refined dish for sea food lovers!

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One of the best typical Sicilian dishes

6. Border Sicilian with brioche, a delicacy to eat in Sicily

The granita and brioche it is the sicilian summer breakfast. It really is ideal for any time, especially during the summer. This dessert of the typical sicilian food consists of brioche bread accompanied by the refreshing fruity iced drink called border. If you want a recommendation, you will not try another equal to the one at Bam Bar, in Taormina.

This recipe is very old! It originated in the year 2000 BC. C. by farmers in the snowy fields of the Hindu Kush, a mountain range in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Later this extraordinary dessert spread to Andalusia and Sicily. When the recipe reached the shores of the island, the slushie was achieved by mixing snow from Mount Etna and combining it with local fruits. Many years have passed and this recipe is still part of the richest delicacies that typical Sicilian food has!

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typical sicilian food
Enjoying this delicacy in Taormina

7. Eggplant parmigianaLasagna, a version of the typical food of Sicily

This plate of typical sicilian food It is the best option if you want to take a break from pasta. is a rich lasagna made with layers of fried aubergines and bathed in a tasty tomato sauce and gratin with mozzarella and parmiggiano.

It is said that the termparmesan” comes from the word “Parmesan”, which refers to the wooden shingles on the shutters. This is due to the way the eggplants are piled on top of each other between the sauce. This typical Sicilian dish is the daily staple of many Sicilian families. An excellent option to put pasta aside for a few moments!

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typical sicilian food
A true delight for your palate!

8. Sarde A Beccafico

The sardines from this island are a star ingredient in several typical Sicilian dishes. And you will love this version, the little fish are coated in breadcrumbs, raisins and pine nuts. This goes in the oven and you have a hearty and delicious dish!

In fact, “beak” refers to a bird that was once common among aristocrats and nobles. The peasants replaced it with sardines, which were more affordable and easier to fish. The reinterpretation of this dish was so good that the same aristocrats stopped asking for the original recipe. A dish that was successful!

Sardines are one of the most used ingredients in typical Sicilian food.

9. Busiate Al Pesto Trapanesean exquisite dish of typical Sicilian food

Fresh and tasty pasta at your table! It is a Sicilian reinterpretation of the Genoese pesto original. It is said that it arose from the ancient trade routes between the port of Genoa and that of Trapani. Flavors that met and formed this exquisite dish of typical Sicilian food!

The process is the same as that of the Genoese pesto. After grinding the basil with the mortar, add red garlic, almonds and tomatoes. In it Trapanese pesto a paste similar to macaroni is used, called busyin honor of the busithe stems of the plants that give the twisted shape to the pasta. A dish that you must add to your list of typical Sicilian food!

10. cassata, a perfect sweet to eat in Sicily

And to finish with our selection of typical sicilian foodWe can’t forget about the cassata. It’s about a Sicilian sponge cake flavored with chocolate, citrus, marzipan and sweetened ricotta cream. The name comes from the Arabic word “which“, which refers to the round mold that gives the shape to the cassata. Appeared in the year 1000 when the cooks of the then ruling Emir prepared in the Kalsa palace in Palermo.

This dessert is typical of Easter and it is said that Those who perfected the recipe were the Sicilian monks in their convents. They take credit for this delicacy! Have a touch of alcohol that balances everything sweet of this dessert. You can find small portions of this dessert or a whole and large one in case you were fascinated. Just don’t call the cake cassata before a Sicilian because it will be almost an insult!

typical sicilian food
The church of San Cataldo, in La Kalsa, Palermo

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