The typical food of Chiapas is the result of an amalgamation of ingredients, colors, smells and exotic flavors that are integrated into each of its typical dishess.

Its recipes date back to pre-Hispanic times, although it later merged with Spanish cuisine.

Each region of Chiapas has a culinary specialty. However, there are dishes that are representative of the entire state since their flavor has gone beyond its borders and their recipes have permeated the taste of Mexicans, such as:

Chiapas Tamales

Los Chiapas Tamales They are like any good tamale made from corn, in Chiapas they are prepared in very different ways depending on the region you visit.

Pero los más famosos son los tamales de chipilín, cuyo saber es dulce y muy sabroso. Hay otros que son sazonados con condimentos lo que le dan un sabor dulce, salado, enchilado o adobado. 

Some of these are prepared with fruit fillings such as bananas. There is Elote, stuffed with beef or lamb barbacoa or the well-known chainfaina which is based on pork, black beans, and chispola which is prepared with beef and chickpeas.

But if you want something more exotic, ask for the iguana tamales or armadillo stew.

Typical Drinks of Chiapas

The Pozol

Chiapas pozol

Pozol is an ancestral drink, it is prepared with cocoa, water and corn and is served in gourds. It is especially delicious and refreshing when it is very hot.

Also in some communities it is served as food since the dough gives it some volume.

You can find this typical Chiapas drink for sale in any market, plaza or stall.


chiapanese tascalate

If you think that “something stronger” suits you el Tascalate It is a very delicious, colorful, traditional and above all a drink full of vitamins that you will surely need for your walks through Chiapas.

This typical drink from Chiapas is made up of corn, cocoa pine nuts, cinnamon and annatto. You can accompany it with milk or as water of the day.

Very refreshing if you chill it or add a little ice. But in the cold season this drink can also be drunk hot as if it were coffee.

Another very similar and nutritious traditional drink is Pinole or Pinol, it is considered pre-Hispanic and is composed of ground toasted corn flour, sugar and cinnamon.

What to eat in different parts of Chiapas…

Tuxtla Gutierrez

Here you can find the best corn tamales, pictes, chispola (beef with chickpeas and cabbage), and also the delicious pork mole.

San Cristóbal de las Casas

In San Cristóbal de Las Casas there are many cold meats, sausages such as serrano ham, botifarra and sausage.

Be sure to try the saffron tamales prepared by indigenous people, yuyo or dulce.

As for Chiapas sweets, look for those known as crystallized fruits, chimbo, cocadas, pressed peaches and bread in general accompanied by a good morning coffee.


Comitán is a place where you will indulge yourself with the cheeses and typical dishes that are prepared here such as heart of palm or botifarra.

The best place is the local market or in local inns and restaurants.

Be sure to try the typical drink from Comitán, which is known as comiteco, which is fermented with maguey, or mistela, a spirit drink made from mango, tejocote and plum.

Another advantage is that the surroundings of Comitán are areas where aromatic coffee is grown, so you will never need a good coffee.

As you will see, the food in Chiapas is ideal to accompany it with the lush and lush landscapes that await you, and of course, with the melodious songs of the Chiapas marimba.


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