During your route through the African country You can’t stop trying the dishes typical egyptian food. It surprised us very positively! The country’s culture is also reflected in some traditional dishes. So it is a way to explore and learn more about this fascinating destination. Take note of the 12 dishes of typical Egyptian food that you can’t miss.

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1. Kosharythe most iconic dish of typical Egyptian food

He koshary definitely tops our list typical egyptian food not only because of its great flavor, but also because It is the national dish of the country. It is very popular and economical! The ingredients are lentils, rice, macaroni and chickpeas, an Egyptian red sauce is added, fried onions, if you want you can add vinegar and a little spice. It sounds simple, but the combination of these ingredients is fantastic!

we try koshary during our visit to the capital at a famous local restaurant called Abu TariqIn fact, it’s one of the best things what to do in Cairo. It was delicious and very filling, it is a dish that we would repeat without getting tired. The service was quite good, the waiters speak English and when it comes to serving you the dish they put on a little show, it is quite an experience.

You can also find koshary at street food stalls, but be careful with the hygiene of these places. This is A very good vegetarian option of typical Egyptian food. You will be more than satisfied! As a curiosity, in Alexandria they add roasted liver to this dish. Do you dare to try it?

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We loved the fattah!

2. Fattah

The fattah is an example that The culture of Egypt is also reflected in its typical dishes. Although it is really also very popular in other countries like Lebanon, Syria or Jordan. It consists of lamb or beef with rice and tomato sauce, as well as adding crunchy flatbread that gives it a really special touch.

It is more common to serve it in Eida festival that marks the end of Ramadan. Remember that during For a whole month, Muslims observe a sacred fast., it is usually in April. Serving this delicacy after so long must be a great reward!

All the ingredients form a truly delicious dish, full of aromas and flavors. It’s so good that even served on special occasions like weddings. You’ll love it!

typical egyptian foodtypical egyptian food
We loved the fattah!

3. Egyptian hummus, a delicious delicacy of typical Egyptian food

Of all the typical Egyptian dishes, probably hummus is one of the most famous. This is a delicious sauce made from mashed chickpeas, tahini, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice. It is usually served with pieces of bread for dipping. Hummus is really delicious! Us We dedicated ourselves to trying humus in every restaurant we could.. The taste varied a little, but they were all equally good. Although today it has already reached most of our countries, there is nothing like trying it in middle East.

A good hummus is always in the mood!

4. Cardigan

The Cardigan es the Egyptian version of the classic skewers Made with roasted ground beef or lamb. Condiments are one of the most important aspects in the typical egyptian foodFor example, the Cardigan It has garlic, cardamom, cajun and tahini. If you haven’t heard of these ingredients, don’t worry because the flavor is great, and that’s the most important thing!

It’s not just any ground meat, Cardigan It is a combination of spices, aromas and flavors that elevate the result. It is a roast dish that is also served with pieces of pita and salad. If you want to try some delicacy of the typical egyptian foodthis can be a great start.

5. Feteer meshaltet“Egyptian pizza”

He Feteer meshaltet It is one of our favorite dishes of typical Egyptian food.. It is popularly known as the egyptian version of pizza, although they really aren’t that similar either. In this case, it is a puff pastry in thin layers, filled with various ingredients. These can be both sweet and savory, although the latter are more common. The nickname Egyptian pizza is usually given because of its versatility.not so much because of their similarity.

Apart from being a delicious dish, it is also historical. It is said that its origins date back to Ancient Egypt, when it was left in temples as an offering to the gods.

typical egyptian foodtypical egyptian food
A highly recommended dish

6. falafel, a classic of typical Egyptian food

Of all the dishes in the typical egyptian foodhe falafel It is one of the best known in the world. It is also called ta’meya and consists of fried doughs made with a mixture of beans and vegetables. There are some who use ground chickpeas instead of dried beans, a very typical ingredient in Egypt. He falafel It can be simple or with some cheese or spicy red pasta filling. It’s delicious and you’ll find it everywhere!

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Falafel, a typical Egyptian food classic

7. . . . Full Medames

This is a basic dish of Egyptian cuisine. Egyptian families eat it for breakfast, especially in Cairo, although it is also valid to eat it at any time of the day. Full medames es a slow-cooked broad bean stew, can be pureed or with whole beans. It is usually a companion for fried eggplants, fried cheese, French fries or falafel. It’s the perfect complement!

In Egypt There are several restaurant chains that serve as a specialty full medames. The challenge is to find the most delicious one! It is a dish that cannot be missing from our list of the best of the typical egyptian food.

8. Ride hima classic snack of typical Egyptian food

In Egyptian homes, as in street food stalls, the ride him It is a dish that cannot be missed. There are a few versions of this dish, but the most common includes Minced beef or lamb stuffed inside bread aish baladi. It looks like an Egyptian style sandwich! This dish is prepared in a traditional wood oven which makes the bread super crunchy.

You can also find ride him of sausages, tuna and pastrami. In Alexandria they placed the meat inside a fresh dough that makes it look like a pizza, They even add tomatoes, peppers and even mozzarella. They turned it around completely!

Generally, the ride him It is a side dish, although there are street food stalls that sell it as a specialty. It is a dish that can save you from any trouble!

Typical Egyptian food desserts

9. About Alia delicious dessert

Desserts are a must! eitherm ali es a baked puff pastry with hot milk, nuts, coconut, raisins and sugar. It has become so popular that it is a staple dessert at any Egyptian wedding. Interestingly, them ali It means “mother of Ali,” Egyptians often make jokes about the name of the dessert. And although there is no specific explanation as to why they named the dish that way, it is a delicacy that you must try!

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typical egyptian foodtypical egyptian food
Our favorite Egyptian dessert!

10. There is death

The to die served during Ramadan to keep the faithful satisfied during fasting hours. So, in addition to being delicious, it has great cultural importance. It’s very famous! In fact, you will find it in cafes, stores, restaurants and kiosks.

The dish consists of two layers of thin vermicceli-type noodles made from semolina flour. This is baked, then decorated with ricotta cheese and syrup. That is the traditional form of to die, but today you find other versions with nuts, custard, chocolate, fruits, cookies and much more. So it has become a highly anticipated dish for the smallest of Egyptian homes.

11. Basbousa

Another Egyptian dessert that you should try is basbousa. Its origin is Ottomaneven some countries have their own version of basbousa, with other names, shapes and ingredients. In Egypt it is a basic sweet dish among locals. It is a semolina cake with yogurt, a touch of syrup and lots of almonds. Its flavor is unique! It’s very soft and delicious, so as soon as you see one, don’t hesitate to ask for it.

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