Did you know that Colombia was considered the happiest country in the world in 2021? There is no reason to be surprised, because with a gastronomy as irresistible as that of this territory, it is inevitable to make you smile. Colombia is a country recognized for its biodiversity, its cultural variety and for having the richest coffee in the world. But, have you wondered, which is the typical food of Colombia? Here we tell you 10 dishes typical of Colombia that yes or yes you should try.

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1. Bandeja paisa, one of the richest and best-known typical dishes of Colombia

If you want to eat a hearty dish with a wide variety of ingredients, the bandeja paisa is just what you are looking for. This typical Colombian dish has portions of chorizo, fried chicharrón, ground beef, arepa, rice, ripe plantain, avocado and fried egg.. All this on a red bean base, but do you want to know the best? This delicious paisa delicacy can be found in almost 95% of restaurants in Colombia.

However, the dish is originally from the department of Antioquia. Basically, the bandeja paisa was what the Colombian muleteers ate, since it provided them with an abundant amount of carbohydrates to replace the enormous expenditure of energy on their long journeys. Although it is believed that it was a commercial evolution of the Seco Antioqueño developed by some restaurants in Medellín, Bogotá and other Colombian cities.

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typical food of Colombia
A delicious bandeja paisa

2. Ajiaco

Directly, from the highlands of Colombia, is the basis for making this delicious soup, typical of Bogotá. It is a combination of three different types of potatoes: a hard and white one cut into thin slices, a small yellow potato that gives body and a lot of flavor to the dish, and probably the most important, a soft potato that when melted gives the characteristic texture to this paisa soup.

To complement this tasty Colombian dish, It is customary to use chicken breast cut into small cubes, corn on the cob, garlic, onion, dried guascas and it is accompanied with rice and avocado that can be used inside the soup. And while its name may be confusing, it’s not spicy! Definitely, one of the best typical dishes of Colombia.

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typical food of Colombia
A good ajiaco is always good

3. Arepas, a classic of typical Colombian food

When we think of the typical food of Colombia, it is impossible to leave out the arepas. Did you know that there are more than 30 varieties of arepas? This exquisite preparation with white or yellow corn tortillas is a legacy of the indigenous ancestors of this country.

Arepas can be part of your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even a snack, since you can find them in practically all typical Colombian restaurants. If you are curious about how it is prepared, imagine a corn empanada but larger, grilled or sometimes fried. You can find them without filling or loaded with cheese, egg and a variety of sauces.

Even if you are a fan of sweets, you should definitely try the sweet corn arepa! Despite being one of the star elements of typical Colombian food, it is also very popular in other Latin American countries such as Venezuela.

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Some delicious arepas

4. Sancocho

But… maybe you prefer a more complete dish, if so, we invite you to try an irresistible sancocho. It is one of the most traditional typical Colombian dishes. Basically, It is a soup with potatoes, plantain, cassava and depending on the place, rice.

All this is mixed with different vegetables, but the one that stands out the most is coriander. The most popular sancochos are those that have chicken as the main protein. But they can also be found with beef ribs and fish.

If it sounds familiar, don’t worry. the only thing it has in common with ajiaco is that you will fall in love with this dish. On the other hand, its texture is lighter but we assure you that you will be just as satisfied.

typical food of Colombia
The sancocho is one of the best typical dishes of Colombia

5. Natas Dessert, the sweet star of typical Colombian food

Did you think that typical Colombian food was only salt? The cream dessert is the perfect option for sweet lovers. It is prepared by boiling milk several times and using the foam that results from boiling. Then it is mixed with egg yolks, raisins and syrup. Even if you are more adventurous, you can add a little rum to it. It is to lick your fingers!

6. Pandebono

Of all the snacks you can try in Colombia, this is one of the tastiest and most popular. It is a baked bread with cassava starch and fresh cheese. Ideal for breakfast or as a snack at any time of the day.

This delicacy is usually served with hot chocolate or oatmeal and you can find it in almost all bakeries, markets and street food stalls. Don’t leave Colombia without trying it! It is especially popular in the Colombian department of Cauca’s Valley and it can be made in both round and ring shapes.

As a curiosity, they originally called him Bread from the Bono Farmalthough with the passage of time it ended up being called pandebono.

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7. Fritanga

the frying pan It is a wonderful way to try a little of everything that typical Colombian food has to offer. Of course, it is better to prepare your stomach because it is a real bomb. To sum it up, it contains many types of meat and some vegetables: chicharrón, blood sausage, chorizo, pork, potatoes, arepa, patacones and yuca, all together, fried and in small pieces.

Normally, it is usually eaten at gatherings between friends and at parties. It’s super popular and easy to find in any restaurant!

The fritanga, one of the best dishes of typical Colombian food

8. Seafood casserole, one of the most delicious typical Colombian dishes

If you don’t know what to eat in Colombia, a seafood casserole will always be an excellent option. If you are a fan of seafood, you cannot leave without trying this delicacy from the coastal regions of the country. Shrimp, lobster, fish, clams, octopus and oysters are mixed in this Colombian soup. To top it off, everything converges in a vegetable broth and coconut milk causing a bomb of flavors.

It is customary to accompany it with rice, salad and avocado. An irresistible delight of typical Colombian food.

9. Wafers

Another delicious dessert that you must try on your visit to Colombia are the wafers. Imagine a sandwich with two wafers filled with dulce de leche, jam, condensed milk, milk cream, fruit or peanuts. They can even carry chocolate chips… and even cheese!

You can find them mainly as street food, but also in some local restaurants. When trying them, be careful that they break easily! But it’s completely worth it!

10. Mote de queso, try it and fall in love with the typical food of Colombia

And finally, to end this post on the typical food of Colombia, we leave you a peculiar combination but no less delicious for that. The cheese nickname is a characteristic dish of the Colombian coast, specifically from the departments of Sucre and Córdoba. It is prepared with yam, onion, garlic, lemon, fresh cheese, tomato and a special sauce called coastal serum”.

This soup has a creamy texture, it is accompanied with patacones and it can even include pork rinds. It’s delicious anyway!

typical food of Colombia
The famous Colombian coffee plantations. Colombia has one of the best coffees in the world!

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