In recent days, we asked in the networks of Alan around the World about the tips or tricks that they would have liked to know when they began to travel. There were all kinds of them: from those who called for not packing too much, to those who commented on the importance of researching the place we visited to get the most out of it.

We made a selection of 10 tweets, which we consider to be an important collection of traveler information for travellers.

Time is very valuable and when traveling, taking advantage of the days we have is vital. Therefore, by buying in advance you can avoid (or considerably reduce the lines) and in the case of very popular attractions, ensure your visit.

Speaking English is a great advantage, however it is not spoken everywhere. Common sense, signs, and learning a few key phrases in the local language will go a long way on your travels.

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Today, our cell phones are great allies. In them we have cameras, GPS and we can even pay with them without the need for a physical card. By delegating so many tasks to them, the least we can do is charge them regularly. In this tweet, they also recommend us not to take out the passport and if required, a copy or photo could be enough to avoid losing it.

Look good or be comfortable? His feet will appreciate it.

Credit cards are an excellent tool if you know how to use them. It’s not about spending money you don’t have, it’s knowing how to manage it and take advantage of loyalty programs and points.

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Foto: 123rf

It is important to be vigilant at all times!

Before packing your suitcase, knowing the climate of the place you are going to visit will help you to better choose your luggage. There are apps and pages that they can consult periodically.

Enjoy a lot, even bad experiences become the best memories of a trip.

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