Trip to Zambia

Prologue of trip to zambia. «This morning the alarm clock did not ring, I turned it off long before the scheduled time. I haven’t slept a wink all night. I’m fine, maybe too fine, so much so that I’m afraid to be this fine. Or I’m not, I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, very wrong, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I want to scream with happiness, or with fear, I’m confused… I want to run away, jump, maybe explode, but I also want to close my eyes, sleep, rest from smiling so much in the dark and daydream tonight.

I think I know what’s wrong with me. I remember feeling something like this before. Yes, again, several years later I am feeling it. I know, it is the “African disease”, the sweetest and most painless emotional illness known, an illness that affects us travelers who are hypnotized by the natural beauties of the most incredible biological heritage in the world. For years I have not been able to escape this pathology, and last night the symptoms of the disease have been more acute than ever… I finally return Africa”.

Leopard on the Journey to ZambiaLeopard on the Journey to Zambia

Trip to Zambia

It’s 10 A.M. I just arrived at the train station, there is no turning back. The journey begins. A few years after that amazing trip to kenyareturn to Africa, but this time to the wildest heart of the continent recognized as the cradle of humanity, Zambia.

Those of you who know me, know of my weakness for the African continent, for authenticity, for wildlife, for adventure, for risk, for what is different… Africa is not an invention of documentaries or tourist brochures, Africa is real, Africa It’s how I always imagined it. Africa is a word that excites me and thousands of travelers who cannot escape the aforementioned “African evil.”

Itinerary and organization of the trip to Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe

He trip to zambia It has been designed 100% to my whim, an 18-day trip in which adventure will be more than guaranteed. I have closed the trip with Dens Safarisa local agency in Zambia offering magnificent African safari experiences.

Dens Safaris ZambiaDens Safaris Zambia

Since I will visit the Victoria Falls I will cross to Zimbabwe (a country with which Zambia borders) to get on a helicopter to fly over them. As the Chobe National Park It is also located on the border with Botswana. I will cross to this country to see one of the natural areas in Africa with the highest density of elephants.

Map with the route of the trip to Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana

In the following map I show you the territory that I will visit in my trip to zambia and then the most notable activities and excursions of the planned itinerary.

These are the activities and places that I will visit in the trip to zambiaZimbabwe and Botswana.

Canoe safari on the Zambezi River, the best of the trip to Zambia

As soon as you arrive at Lusaka (capital of Zambia) I will stay in the Radisson Blue Hotel to rest from the long trip (4 hours by train and 14 hours by flight). It will be our first resting place on the trip to Zambia.

Radisson Blue Lusaka, Travel to ZambiaRadisson Blue Lusaka, Travel to Zambia
Radisson Blu Room

Very early the next morning I will get into an all-terrain vehicle to go to the Zambezi River (Zambezi), the fourth in length of the entire African continent (2,574 km). This is where the great adventure really begins. During 3 days I will navigate in canoe down the Zambezi River among crocodiles, hippos and elephants; an experience that, together with the fact that we will camp at nightfall on the banks of the river, enduring the discomfort of sleeping on the ground or going to a latrine in the dark surrounded by hyenas and lions, will become not only the best experience of the trip to zambia but one of the most exciting of my life. In this article I summarize the adventure of sleep in a camp on the Zambezi River.

Kayaking Zambezi River ZambiaKayaking Zambezi River Zambia
Kayaking on the Zambezi River

Kafue National Park

The next destination of trip to zambia will be the Kafue National Parka place where, unlike what happens in the Parks or Kenya National ReservesTanzania o South Africa, few curious people arrive. during other 3 days I will enjoy this sanctuary that is home to more than 400 species of birds, the lion, the elephant, the leopard and dozens of species of antelope.

Camp in Kafue National Park, trip to ZambiaCamp in Kafue National Park, trip to Zambia
Having breakfast at our camp in Kafue National Park

In this National Park we will also camp on the banks of the river and we will have the opportunity to do, in addition to the classic 4×4 vehicle safaris, the so-called Walking safari (walking safaris) accompanied by an armed ranger. I’ll also try my luck with some night safaris to see the super predators with powerful spotlights as I had never seen them until now.

South Luangwa National Park, the best park of the trip to Zambia

After finishing the experience in the Kafue National Park, I will board a small plane to approach the third destination, the South Luangwa National Park, one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in the world. The concentration of animals around the Luangwa River is one of the most intense in Africa, a fact that will enliven the senses on all-terrain vehicle safaris, walking safaris and night safaris.

Kafunta River Lodge, trip to ZambiaKafunta River Lodge, trip to Zambia
Kafunta River Lodge Room

The South Luangwa safari and accommodation experience will be unique and exclusive. During this part of trip to zambia I will stay 5 nights in Kafunta River Lodge y Marula Lodge next to the Luangwa River, two havens of peace in which to relax after the many exciting moments of each safari.

Victoria Falls

Once the safaris in South Luangwa are finished, I will board another plane to return to Lusaka to recharge your batteries before heading to Livingston to see the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Victoria Falls. In Lusaka I will stay at the Lilayi Lodgethe place I have selected for absolute relaxation and to taste the best of Zambian cuisine.

Lilaly Lodge viaje a ZambiaLilaly Lodge viaje a Zambia
Lilaly Lodge, Zambia

At Lilayi Lodge I will approach the elephant orphanage and I will participate in the development of a project resulting from the real conflict between humans and elephants.

Elephant orphanage in ZambiaElephant orphanage in Zambia
Elephant orphanage in Zambia

Lusaka is a six-hour drive from Livingston, where the Victoria Falls are located (which borders Zimbabwe). We will do this Victoria Falls tourwhich will be another of the great experiences in the trip to zambia. When I finish the visit to the falls in Zambia, I will cross the border to reach Zimbabwe to see them in all their splendor (they say that from Zimbabwe it is much more spectacular). There in Zimbabwe I will do a helicopter flight with Bonisair, which will help me enjoy it from the top. The experience will undoubtedly be unforgettable. If we have time we will do this sunset boat ride on the Zambezi River.

Victoria FallsVictoria Falls
Victoria Falls from the Bonisair helicopter

Chobe National Park, Botswana

The next day I will cross the border with Botswana to visit another of the great biodiversity sanctuaries in Africa, the Chobe National Park. There we will do this Chobe National Park safari. Chobe and Moremi have the largest elephant population in the world. Both parks occupy much of northern Botswana.

Elephants in Chobe, BotswanaElephants in Chobe, Botswana
Elephants in Chobe National Park

The journey to Zambia starts now

Zambia It is a journey where adventure is still possible. He trip to zambia it has just begun. In a few hours I arrive in Madrid to board the plane Emirates which will bring me first to Dubai and then to Lusaka. It is a trip that I have been preparing for 5 months and I hope that at its end, back home, I will once again fall in love with the magic of africa.

I invite you to join me these days. Follow the hashtag #Zambia17 and you will be able to join what I hope will be… the greatest traveling adventure of my life. I’m going there!!!

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