Have you already chosen the destinations that will be part of your 2022 travel agenda? Find in this post “Travel destinations for Easter 2022”, more beautiful places that you can add…

As we well know, the days of Holy Week are a classic period of rest for Mexicans and a little trip to relax is part of the agenda of many.

For this reason, although it may seem somewhat hasty to talk about that holiday period at this time of year, which is not even close to December, analyzing options will not be crazy if you want to find good prices; the time in advance to make a reservation is very important.

In addition, the dates with super offers such as Good End or Black Friday arrive very soon, which may be the ideal occasion to book your trip for next year.

Here we show you some of the trending destinations for next year…

5 Incredible Travel Destinations for Easter 2022


Without a doubt, in the State of Quintana Roo you will find some of the travel destinations for Easter 2022; The beauty of the Caribbean is always positioned in the top 10 of the best places to enjoy those days as you like.

The versatility of Tulum as an ideal destination, with proposals for those who prefer to rest and relax, and for those who want a few days of maximum enjoyment and party, makes it a good option for all types of visitors.

With one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, you can enjoy the Caribbean warmth by the sea; In addition, water activities such as boat rides, snorkeling, diving, etc., are experiences that you must try.

Also, do not miss the opportunity to visit the cenotes, freshwater caves, some underground and others open to the sky; both will surprise you.

Strolling through the hotel zone and the town by bicycle to discover its pleasant bohemian atmosphere is another nice way to enjoy the day and night, the variety of bars and clubs with live music and electronic music events on the beach. or a cenote, are also proposals in this beautiful magical town.

And of course we cannot fail to mention the Archaeological Zone of Tulum, the Sian Ka ‘an Biosphere Reserve, the Mystika Museum and a garden of giant sculptures whose icon is Daniel Popper’s famous sculpture Ven a la Luz, all unmissable proposals in your visit to this wonderful place in the Mexican Caribbean.

Vallarta Port

Puerto Vallarta with beautiful beaches, entertainment, hotels and first class services, offers you an unforgettable experience for Easter 2022.

Among the first activities you can do, schedule a walk along the Malecón in Puerto Vallarta and if possible, it will be at sunset, you will see an impressive show.

Of course, the beach is part of the charms of the place and the good thing is that, being in Banderas Bay, the calm of the sea will allow you to enjoy activities such as swimming, paddle boarding, taking a ride on a banana, etc. .

If you like nature and discover dream places, do not forget to visit the Mismaloya Arches, you have the option to admire them from the viewpoints along the route, take a boat ride or dare to go paddle boarding or kayaking to enjoy them well. close.

The beaches of the hotel zone are very beautiful, Los Muertos beach and its viewpoint offer you the perfect place for some good photos and the little bars by the sea are the ideal place for a refreshing drink.

Boca de Tomatlán, is the starting point to discover the best beaches in the area which you access by boat taxi, including Las Animas beach, Madagascar, Majahuitas, Yelapa, etc., each with its particular beauty, waters in shades emerald green at the foot of mountains full of vegetation, some recommended for snorkeling.

The Lázaro Cárdenas Park is very nice to walk in the Romantic Zone of the city, the center and the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe are unmissable postcards, both during the day and at night.

For those looking for something to party, the area of ​​the boardwalk has the atmosphere that can surely meet your expectations, you just have to dare to go for a walk…

Travel destinations Easter 2022

Los Azufres, Michoacan

It is true that many times the beaches are the most chosen destinations to travel during Easter, even more so when the warmth is beginning; but if you want something different, it can also be a good time to discover the natural beauties of Mexico and in Michoacán you will find many.

This time we present Los Azufres, a little over an hour and a half from Morelia, a unique site and very well seen by those who want to enjoy nature and ecotourism.

Among its main attractions you will find the hot springs, located in the middle of mountains of pine and fir trees that create the perfect setting to enjoy the peace of this beautiful place.

Many of the complexes where you can stay have water springs that reach temperatures of up to 40° centigrade and have healing properties thanks to the salts and minerals they contain.

You will also find camping areas and if that is your main option, remember that the climate of the place is cold all year round…

For the more adventurous, activities like mountain biking, hiking, and zip lines can be part of your day; You can also visit the Laguna Larga and take a boat ride to its center and from there, admire the beautiful environment that surrounds you, a unique spectacle.

Likewise, being so close, it is good to go to the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary in El Rosario and you can also get to know Tlalpujahua, the town of the Christmas spheres, two experiences that are worth living and then remembering.

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Travel destinations Easter 2022

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One more of the travel destinations for Holy Week 2022, which usually has a place on the agenda of many travelers, is the beautiful city of Oaxaca, recognized for its gastronomy, culture and traditions, handicrafts and that promises not to disappoint you.

Among the most representative sites of the city is the Temple of Santo Domingo, a site that will leave you in awe with its baroque-style interior; there is also the Museum of Culture, with incredible works to admire.

The buildings in the historic center will make your walks a pleasant experience from start to finish; One of them, the Cathedral, dedicated to the Virgin of the Assumption, surprises with its imposing façade.

Likewise, the Macedonio Alcalá tourist corridor invites you to discover galleries, cultural centers, museums, craft shops, as well as bars and cafes to take a break.

Something very nice that stands out in this beautiful city is that it has boutique hotels in the center, many of them in recovered buildings with an architecture that transports you to past times, while enjoying the services of modernity.

During your visit, try a delicious tlayuda, savor a delicious Oaxacan coffee, discover the flavor of the grasshoppers in the Benito Juárez Market, cool off with a tejate and if you have the opportunity, join the festival of the calendas with marmots and monkeys, You’re going to love it.

Travel destinations Easter 2022


As a result of the pandemic, the tendency to do road tourism increased and with it, the choice of a beautiful magical town is an attractive option.

If you like that idea, we recommend the beautiful town of Atlixco, located 3 hours from Mexico City and 40 minutes from Puebla; a charming place that dazzles you with its stone streets, colorful facades on its houses and the beauty of the flowers that adorn the town and that give it the qualification of the city of flowers.

Strolling through the center invites you to enjoy a nice kiosk in its main square, today a cafeteria where you can relax, take advantage of the good weather and appreciate the beauty of the surroundings; A few steps away is the Parish of Santa María de la Natividad, which surprises with its interiors and its imposing nave, in addition, going to see the murals of the Municipal Palace can also be part of your tour.

Taking a nice photo in “The wide staircase and its macromural” cannot be postponed and since you are on the road, you can go to the Ex-Convent of San Francisco.

Another of the almost obligatory visits is the Cerro de San Miguel, where the Chapel is located and you can get excited and climb the swing with unique views of the city.

Magic Garden with its huge sculptures, the Christmas Museum and the 5 de Mayo Beer Museum are other sites that promise to dazzle you.

Finally, don’t miss out on the market, where you can find the richest menus in the destination…

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Travel destinations Easter 2022

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