Before planning your route through New Zealand there is something very important to define. We are talking about transportation. Remember that the country is made up of two islands and to get from one to the other there are no bridges, only the ferry. Choose between the options transport in new zealand It won’t be a problem, it is a country prepared for tourism, so getting around is a pain. You can get around by car, motorhome and bus. We detail the advantages and disadvantages of all types of transport in New Zealand.

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We believe that there is no single best option because it all depends on the trip you are planning and the budget you have. Whether you go by car or motorhome, you will have to drive. In general it is not something complicated, although you do have to be very attentive.. However, you must prepare to all conditions and, surely, on the opposite side to what you are used to. We tell you some tips and tricks to driving in new zealand.

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1. Visit New Zealand by car, the most comfortable option

That was the option we chose. Although we consider all 3 very seriously! In the end, we opted for the car because of the advantages it has. For us this was the alternative that best suited the type of trip we wanted to make and our little experience on New Zealand roads.

A car is easier to drive than a motorhome and gives you almost the same freedom. We read (and now we corroborate) that New Zealand roads are narrow and with a motorhome everything is complicated behind the wheel. We didn’t want to risk it!

Furthermore, the cost of renting a car is a lot. cheaper and uses less fuel. We paid just €700 to rent a car for a month with comprehensive insurance included. There are super competitive prices!

Reserve your car at the best price

transport in new zealandtransport in new zealand
Of course, rent a suitable car because there is a lot of unpaved road!

Finally we consider that Spending a month sleeping in a space as small as the living room of a motorhome can be stressful. Furthermore, for a trip of so many days, with thousands of kilometers to travel and many places to visit, it is better to rest well every night. If we had gone for a week in the country, we would probably opt for the motorhome. It was a right decision!

So combining the car with hotel accommodation was a great choice. If you want to know our experience and some tips about visiting New Zealand by car, we leave you a post dedicated to it. Without a doubt, we believe that the car is the best form of transportation in New Zealand if you want to go everywhere without spending a lot.

Everything you need to know to visit New Zealand by car

2. Moving by motorhome, a great transportation option in New Zealand

If you are looking for a unique experience, perhaps the motorhome will give you the magic that a car cannot give you. It will be quite an adventure! Can Waking up surrounded by nature is something impressive and that is something that no other means of transport in New Zealand can offer you.. It is very important that you keep in mind that If you want to sleep freely in the country, you need to rent a motorhome self-contained.

What does self contained mean?

The motorhomes self-contained They are those that allow water and waste to be stored, so they are not so harmful to the environment. If you want to sleep freely in the country, you need to bring a self-contained certified, otherwise you will be limited to paid campsites.

Despite being the More expensive method of transportation in New Zealand, on the other hand you can save on both accommodation and food. Restaurants in New Zealand are not usually cheap, while we found supermarket prices very reasonable, similar to Spain.

How much does it cost to rent a motorhome in New Zealand?

The price depends a lot on the type of motorhome you rent.. A small van for two people is not the same as a motorhome for four! For example, a small campervan costs about 60NZD per day. Meanwhile, a basic motorhome with a bathroom and kitchen costs about 100NZD per day (reserving about 3 months in advance). Tea We recommend that you book it as soon as possible. Not only to take advantage of possible offers, but In high season availability drops a lot.

Of course, keep in mind that traveling in a motorhome also has some disadvantages. New Zealand roads are narrow and hauling a large vehicle won’t be as fun. Besides, you will have to sacrifice the comfort of a hotel bed and be very disciplined to keep your little house in order. Even so, Renting a motorhome will give you the freedom to discover the country in your own way, without depending on anything. We could say that between advantages and disadvantages, the motorhome is a tie.

Everything you need to know to visit New Zealand by motorhome

3. Visit New Zealand by bus, great for saving money and meeting people

Finally, the last option of transport in new zealand It’s the bus. Although it is the least popular of the three It is a great way to get to know the country, especially for young people. And it’s friendly to your pocket too!

Getting around New Zealand by bus is easy and very cheap. There are several companies that offer passes to both islands at very competitive prices. Intercity is the biggest one. So If you’re on a budget, taking the bus is a great way to save.

Plus, it’s a great opportunity to meet people. Although we do not use this means of transport in new zealandyes we did it in Australia. We saw that the mechanism and the environment are very similar. If you love meeting people, on the bus you can share experiences with people from all over the world. Another extra point is that The drivers are very cool and will help you with everything you need.

Everything you need to know to visit New Zealand by bus

And most importantly, it will take you almost everywhere without having to beat the steering wheel on New Zealand roads. When putting together your itinerary you should consider that buses are designed to connect the main tourist attractions of the country (not just cities). That is, if you want to visit Milford Sound or Hobbiton, you can only get there by bus to the nearest city or town. Then you will have to hire an excursion with the same company or another that will take you to the place.

For us, the main drawback of this transport in New Zealand is that once at the destination you will not be able to move freely because you will not need a car.. For example, the bus will take you to Wanaka but not to Roys Peak or Mount Aspiring National Park. You’ll have to find a way to get there!

The schedules also seem to us to be a point against the bus.. With the car you can start and end the day whenever you want. If you travel by bus you are very marked and You have no room to improvise. And with New Zealand’s unpredictable weather, being able to change plans at the last minute is invaluable.

transport in new zealandtransport in new zealand
Kiwi Experience, another of the most notable companies


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