Durango is a state located in the northern part of Mexico next to Chihuahua and only 3 hours and a half from Zacatecas, known for its great cultural and historical wealth. In addition, it has a large number of tourist places that are worth visiting, so below I share a list of Tourist Places in Durango.

But not before, I must tell you that this destination is an essential place for those interested in Mexican history. Well, from its historic center, museums and even its gastronomy they have a lot to tell you. In addition, you can enjoy the natural beauty of its mountains and rivers.

Ready to discover the Tourist Places in Durango?

Magic Town of Nombre de Dios

Nombre de Dios is a small town located about 20 km south of the city of Durango. This town has been named as “Magic Town” due to its great cultural and architectural wealth. Some of the most interesting places to visit in this town are the temple of San Francisco de Asís, the house of culture and the regional museum.

Durango City

One of the Tourist Places in Durango the Historic Center

The city of Durango is the capital of the state and has a large number of tourist attractions. Some of the highlights are the Durango Cathedral, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the City Museum, and the Plaza de Armas. In addition, the city has a large number of restaurants and bars where you can try the typical dishes and drinks of the region.

Archaeological Zone of La Ferrería

Archaeological Zone of La Ferrería

The archaeological zone of La Ferrería is a very interesting place to visit if you are interested in the pre-Hispanic history of Mexico. This place has a large number of archaeological structures, some of which date back to 1000 BC. In addition, the site has a small museum where you can see some pieces found during the excavations.

Mexiquillo National Park

The Mexiquillo National Park is an ideal place for nature lovers. This park has plenty of walking trails and beautiful natural landscapes that will take your breath away. In addition, various outdoor activities can be done in the park, such as camping, mountain biking and climbing.

Francisco Villa Museum

Francisco Villa Museum

The Francisco Villa Museum is a very interesting place to learn more about the history of the Mexican Revolution. This museum is located in the house where Francisco Villa lived for several years and has a large number of objects related to the life and career of the revolutionary leader.

As you can see, Durango has a large number of tourist places that are worth visiting. Whether you are interested in history, culture, or nature, you will find something to like in this Mexican state. Do not hesitate to visit Durango and discover everything it has to offer!

Magic Town of Mapimi

Mapimí is a place full of history and culture. It is home to the Zone of Silence, an area of ​​mysterious energy and breathtaking landscapes. In addition, you can visit the Mission of San Santiago de Mapimí, the Francisco Villa Museum, the Juan Rulfo Cultural Center and much more.

Fernandez Canyon

Fernández Canyon Tourist Place in Durango

The Fernández Canyon is an impressive red rock canyon that stretches along the Nazas River. It is a perfect place for hiking, camping and enjoying nature. Also, you can see a wide variety of flora and fauna, including eagles and foxes.

As you can see Durango also has its own, although very little is said about this destination and although this list is only some of the tourist places that you can visit, there are also its festivals and celebrations such as the Durango National Fair.

If you are one of the good travelers, this destination should be on your radar as there is much more to explore and discover in this wonderful, very, very Mexican destination.

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