If you are one of those people looking to explore new regions, with a rich history and culture. So stay here and continue reading! Because today we are going to talk about the Tourist Places of Campeche, a place that without a doubt cannot be missing from your travel list.

So take note because in this article, I will take you through some of the best places you could visit in the beautiful city of Campeche, a colorful land, full of culture, traditions and forged thanks to our Mayan ancestors and the colonial era.

Fall in love with these Tourist Places in Campeche:

The Historic Center

It is the place where your adventure should start because it is worth mentioning that the Historic Center was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999, and the reason is obvious. The Spanish colonial architecture of the buildings is impressive and the cobbled streets are charming. Also, you can take a walk along the ramparts and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea while watching the sunset.

Tourist Sites in Campeche

The Fort of San Miguel

It is another important tourist place that you must visit in Campeche. This fort was built in the 18th century and now houses the Museum of Mayan Archeology. The museum is an interesting place to learn more about the Mayan culture and the history of the region. You can also walk through the fortifications of the fort and enjoy the impressive views of the port of Campeche.

Los Petenes Biosphere Reserve

For nature lovers, the Petenes Biosphere Reserve is a must. This nature reserve is home to many endangered species of animals and plants. The best way to explore the reserve is by boat, as you can see crocodiles, manatees and a variety of birds that live in the area. You can also walk the trails of the reserve and enjoy the natural beauty of the region.

Biosphere Reserve in Campeche

The Cultural Center House No. 6

The Casa No. 6 Cultural Center is another tourist place that you must visit in Campeche. This cultural center hosts contemporary art exhibitions and cultural events. House No. 6 was built in the 18th century and is an example of Spanish colonial architecture in the region. You can also visit the garden of the house and enjoy the tranquility of the place.

Museum of the City

If you are interested in the history of the region, the City Museum is a tourist spot that you should not miss. This museum tells the history of the city of Campeche and its importance in the region during the colonial era. You can see artifacts and objects from the period and learn more about the history of the region.

Museum of the City

The Malecon of Campeche

Last but not least, the Malecón de Campeche is a popular tourist place to walk and enjoy the coastal atmosphere. The Malecón is an avenue that runs along the port of Campeche and offers impressive views of the sea and the boats that pass by. You can enjoy the restaurants, bars and shops that are located on the Malecón and relax while enjoying the atmosphere of the city.

Malecon in Campeche

And if you want more tourist places in Campeche to visit, there are also:

Its Archaeological Ruins that have a great Mayan historical value. Some of these Archaeological Ruins are: Edzná, Calakmul and Balamkú. These archaeological sites are a window to the past and will allow you to learn about the culture and history of the region.

Archaeological Zones in Campeche

As you can see, Campeche is an impressive tourist destination with beautiful views. You can also enjoy romantic sunsets on the boardwalk of San Francisco Campeche.

Just as its neighboring state “Yucatán” has its own tourist places and you fall in love with it, Campeche, being part of the Peninsula, also has its own.

Ready to escape and get to know the Tourist Places in Campeche?

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