Acapulco has a natural and captivating beauty, as its golden sand beaches and crystal clear waters will make you fall in love. In addition, its tropical and sunny climate offers you the opportunity to enjoy exciting water activities and relax in one of its luxury hotels or resorts. But… What tourist places in Acapulco can you visit? In this article I list some of the places that you should not miss if you travel to this destination.

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List of Tourist Places in Acapulco

1. The Gulch

La Quebrada in Acapulco is a place you must visit due to its fascinating cliff divers show. From cliffs up to 45 meters high, the brave divers plunge into the sea with precision and grace, creating an exciting and captivating spectacle.

the acapulco ravine

In addition to witnessing this impressive display of bravery and skill, you can also enjoy a panoramic view of the ocean from the nearby viewpoints. La Quebrada is an icon of Acapulco and a unique experience that you cannot miss.

2. Countess Beach

One of the tourist places in Acapulco that you must visit yes or yes is “La Playa Condesa”, it has an unparalleled charm and fun as it offers a wide expanse of golden sand, crystal clear waters and a vibrant atmosphere. You can relax in the sun, enjoy exciting water activities like jet skiing or parasailing, or simply stroll along the boardwalk and enjoy the sea breeze. In addition, Condesa beach has a wide variety of restaurants, bars and shops that perfectly complement your day at the beach.

3. La Roqueta Island

Roqueta Island has an impressive natural beauty due to its beaches with crystalline waters and a wide variety of water activities. Here you can swim and snorkel to explore trails and enjoy fresh seafood, this island offers a quiet and picturesque getaway in Acapulco, basically it is a perfect getaway from the bustling city and an opportunity to enjoy the nature and serenity of beautiful Acapulco.

4. Acapulco Zocalo

This is another place that you must visit due to its historical importance and cultural charm. Surrounded by historic buildings, restaurants and shops, this emblematic place offers an authentic view of the city. Here you can enjoy the colonial architecture, try the delicious local gastronomy and immerse yourself in the daily life of Acapulco while enjoying the lively and colorful atmosphere of the Zócalo.

5. Fort San Diego

San Diego Fort

If you want to know a little about the history of Acapulco then you should visit “El Fuerte de San Diego” here its rich history and architectural value are preserved. This 16th-century fort houses the Acapulco Historical Museum, where you can immerse yourself in the region’s past and explore its fascinating exhibits, with artifacts and documents that tell the story of Acapulco, and admire the imposing fortified structure. It is a culturally enriching experience and an opportunity to learn more about Acapulco’s historical legacy.

6. Chapel of Peace

The Chapel of Peace has beautiful architecture and also a panoramic view of the city. This religious monument offers a serene environment and an opportunity to contemplate the beauty of Acapulco from above. It is a perfect place to find peace, reflect and capture memorable photos.

7. Puerto Marques

activities in acapulco

Puerto Marqués is a picturesque bay that offers crystal clear waters and a serene environment, ideal for enjoying water activities such as swimming, paddle boarding or simply relaxing on the beach. It is a perfect refuge to escape the bustle of the city and enjoy the tranquility of the ocean.

8. Old Bar

If you want to enjoy fresh seafood then you must visit “La Barra Vieja de Acapulco” because here you can find it while you enjoy its beautiful beach, which is one of the least crowded while you relax in a quiet environment and delight yourself with delicious local cuisine.

Tip: try the freshly prepared seafood dishes at the restaurants in the area and savor the authentic flavor of Acapulco while enjoying the sea breeze.

9. The Coastal

You must visit the Costera in Acapulco due to its vitality and tourist offer. This main avenue is lined with hotels, shops, restaurants and vibrant nightlife. You can stroll along its sidewalks, enjoy shopping, try the delicious local cuisine and immerse yourself in the lively entertainment scene. It is the tourist heart of Acapulco and offers an experience full of fun and activities for all tastes.

10. Acapulco Botanical Garden

Last but not the least among the tourist places in Acapulco is the Botanical Garden here you can admire its exuberant natural beauty. This tropical oasis is home to a wide variety of plants, flowers and trees, offering an escape from the city and a contact with nature. Here you can walk along its paths, admire the diverse flora and enjoy beautiful panoramic views.

As you can see, Acapulco is not only famous for its paradisiacal beaches, but also for its offer of tourist places that captivate visitors, its history and those corners that are not talked about much but are worth visiting. A destination that offers an unforgettable tourist experience full of fun, culture and natural wonders.

Exploring these tourist places in Acapulco is entering a destination full of history, adventure and scenic beauty. If you dare to travel to this destination soon, here is a list of hotels where you can stay.


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