Perhaps one of the least pleasant things about traveling is going through airport security, as there are times when the lines are long and it is inconvenient to have to remove our electronic devices and liquids from hand luggage.

In order to streamline waiting times at security checkpoints, Haneda International Airport, also known as Tokyo International Airport, installed JAL Smart Security, a new intelligent security system that uses computed tomography to scan carry-on luggage in more detail by allowing travelers to keep their devices and liquids inside it.

Photo: sepavo / 123RF

In addition, it has an ultraviolet sterilization system that eliminates 99% of microorganisms, preventing the spread of any disease, both among passengers and airport staff.

Likewise, the design of the new intelligent lanes is curved in order to eliminate bottlenecks and speed up the passage of travelers through metal detectors.

Foto: paylessimages / 123RF

If passengers have everything in order, they will only collect their luggage and can continue on their way. In the event that the system detects any prohibited object, the luggage will move to another lane where the passenger will go to avoid crowds.

For the moment, the JAL Smart Security it works for domestic flights, at Terminal 1, at controls B, C, E and F. However, it is expected that in the future it will be applied in more security controls, including international ones.

We share a video that shows more details about the operation of JAL Smart Security.

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