By: Zoila Nallely Ibarra

“To see your smile” dedicated to my children. Sebastian and Jose.

There is no more rewarding pleasure than traveling with your children and seeing their smiles on their little faces.

Sebastian the smallest left this world very soon due to the [email protected]#&%…cancer, a “mucus” (that’s what he called the tumor) that developed in his sacrum, it’s so special in this world that it was the 15th reported case, there wasn’t much to study from were the words of their doctors 🙁

But despite his diagnosis he never lost his FAITH and his belief in GOD. I could tell so many anecdotes but I will only say the most important thing that I keep from my son: his camera with more than a thousand photos that he took on our trips and those that he took.

One day before leaving, he told me: “Mom, go to Paris and have a coffee while looking at the Eiffel Tower, go to England to see Queen’s land, go to the Holy Land where Jesus was born, go to India where my doctor is from.” 🙁

Together we traveled to New York, Disneyland California, New Orleans, Colorado Alps, Guadalupe Basilica in Mexico, Morelia, Michoacan; Guanajuato, Sixth Stage Zihuatanejo, Guadalajara Jalisco; Rocky Point/Guaymas Sound.

Today my goal is to fulfill your wish and see “His Smile” from different skies of this world.


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