Organizing a trip is perhaps the most important stage of traveling, as it requires research, reservations, and leaving almost everything ready so that when it’s time for the adventure we only worry about enjoying it.

And right at this stage is where our most cautious traveling part should come out, so they should never forget to hire a travel insurance.

However, on this occasion we want to talk to you about a topic that we may have gone unnoticed and that is also very important: how to take care of our home while we are traveling.

Taking care of our home while we are traveling is guaranteeing the safety and maintenance of our heritage. Furthermore, there is no greater satisfaction than arriving home after a long trip, resting in our bed or sofa while we remember the best moments of our journey.

So we want to share some tips to take care of your home while you are traveling and when you arrive you don’t get a bad surprise.

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Tell someone you trust

If you have a trusted neighbor, let them know that you will be away and ask them to be alert for any anomaly or suspicious activity. You can also collect mail to prevent it from piling up in your mailbox, which could be a sign that they are not home.

They can leave instructions for their neighbor on what to do in case a strange situation arises, such as calling a family member who has full access to their house or they could even give keys to their neighbor if they are very trustworthy.

Take out home insurance

Having insurance for your home is an excellent idea, since in case something unforeseen arises while you are traveling and even if you are just leaving home, this option could give you peace of mind.

Can you imagine that while you are not home, a flood or hurricane damages your home or belongings? Or do they suffer any robbery with violence? Well, there are options, such as CBNX Home Insurance by Citibanamex|CHUBB*, which covers theft with violence of property inside your home.

Research the options very well when hiring one and read the terms and conditions that apply in the General Conditions.

And if you already have home insurance, check that everything is in order and up to date with your policy.

Use a security system

Installing a security system is a good option to keep your home safe. They can install surveillance cameras and/or alarms. Even many systems can now be controlled from your mobile device and you can even access the cameras from them.

They can also install smart lights or lights with timers so that they can be programmed to turn on and off automatically during different times of the day, giving the impression that someone is home.

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Secure doors and windows

Before leaving on a trip, confirm that all doors and windows are closed and that the locks are working properly; They can even reinforce security with additional locks, if necessary.

Do not share your travel plans on social networks

Avoid posting your trip information on social media before or during your absence, as this information can be used by thieves to identify empty homes.

Disconnect the gas, water and electricity supply

Disconnect the gas, water and electricity supply because in case an accident occurs such as an earthquake, flood, hurricane or some other phenomenon, you will avoid a leak.

In addition, inactivate appliances and electronic devices that are not necessary during your absence, because in the event of a mishap you will avoid short circuits and save energy.

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Garden and outdoor care

If you have a garden at home and plan to travel for a long time, ask your trusted contact to maintain it, to give the impression that it is tidy and the house is occupied.

Without a doubt, worrying about taking care of our home while we are traveling is of great importance, so let us never forget this part.

What other actions would you add to take care of your home while you are traveling?

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