Surely one of the experiences that your children will remember most from the holidays is traveling by plane. As children we all looked at the sky every time we saw one pass by and we asked dad when he would take us on vacation…

Well, if your time has come, spend some time reading these recommendations. If you or your children are traveling by plane for the first time, it is important to know what they are entitled to, the requirements for traveling with children or babies by plane in Mexico and what the requirements are. points that you should take care of, since many things can happen along the way and we want you to have a trip with a happy ending… will you join us?

Traveling with Babies

If you are less than 2 years old since you became a parent, your son or daughter is exempt from paying a ticket, as long as he or she obviously travels with an adult who is responsible for him or her.

There is only one detail, the baby is not entitled to its baggage allowance (it varies depending on the airline), that is, the baby’s luggage such as strollers, walkers, diaper bags, etc., must be included in the baggage allowance. of the adult.

The baby also does not have the right to a seat and must travel in the arms or legs.

Before purchasing your ticket, tell the airline that you are traveling with a baby (under 2 years old), call the airline or contact them through their social networks so that they can inform you about their travel policies in this regard.

If you want your baby to have the right to a seat during the trip, you can request a special seat for it (by purchasing a child ticket) there are also packages that offer stroller transportation, ask about them!

Requirements for traveling by plane with children

Inside Mexico

If you travel within Mexico with children or babies there really is not much inconvenience, it is simple and you do not need many requirements, you only need to bring the identification of the child and their parent(s).

Depending on their age, their school ID may be useful, but if you want to be more relaxed, you can bring the child’s birth certificate in case they ask for it.

Out of Mexico

If you travel with children abroad, things are different, you must take into account that everyone, regardless of their age, must carry a valid passport and visa (if applicable according to the country they are going to visit).

It is important to know that to obtain a passport for a child, both parents must give their consent and authorization for the child to leave the country.

Child traveling alone on a plane

children travel alone

Most airlines accept children ages 5 and older traveling unaccompanied under certain conditions. Each airline has its own policies. regarding the acceptance of minors who travel without an adult who is responsible for them, but generally it is the plane crew who assumes responsibility for the infant arriving safely at its destination.

Although the minimum age for a minor to travel unaccompanied is 5 years, there are exceptions, for example, traveling accompanied by a teenager over 14 years old, etc.

There are also restrictions regarding the time and duration of the trips, since for obvious reasons it is difficult for a child to be calm, for example on a trip that lasts more than 4 hours.

If your son or daughter over 5 years of age has to travel alone on the plane, before purchasing your ticket, inform the airline that it is a minor who will travel unaccompanied.

They will tell you what documentation to present when checking luggage.

Tips for traveling by plane with children

  • If you had to buy a seat for your child, remember that they, like adults, have the right to a baggage allowance (on average 20 to 25 kilos per person). Make sure your carry-on luggage is light and easy to transport so that you can carry it yourself.
  • If the distance the plane is going to travel is considerable, try to get a flight with as few connections as possible, so that the stress in the child does not affect their behavior (tantrums, boredom, etc.).
  • Before and during the flight, talk to your child about what awaits them during the flight (especially if you have traveled before), this way you will prevent your child from feeling stressed due to fear of the unknown.
  • If your child is traveling alone, we recommend that you stay at the airport until the plane takes off (some airlines even consider it a requirement to prevent any inconvenience).
  • Let your son or daughter carry a toy, stuffed animal or object that they feel familiar with and that inspires confidence in their carry-on luggage (or the classic blanket).
  • Minors may also experience some discomfort during the flight, We recommend you read this other article about it.
  • Oh and don’t forget the minor’s official identification documents!

Now if you are the most nervous when traveling by plane, smile and don’t show it! Take it all as a great adventure.

We wish you a happy landing!


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