Last Monday, the award ceremony of the Mexico Gastronomic Guide was held: the 250 restaurants of 2023 Culinaria Mexicana, which recognizes and celebrates the 250 great restaurants in Mexico.

In this event, which presented the ninth edition of the Mexico Gastronomic Guide, the best chefs in the national territory were also recognized.

The restaurant mayorlocated in Guadalajara, was recognized as the best Restaurant of the Year, which is led by chef Francisco Ruano.

The Chef of the Year award went to javier plascencia, who has highlighted the flavors of La Baja through its restaurants Finca Altozano, Erizo, Animalón, Jazamango, ¡Lupe! and Caffe Saverios.

The recognition of Chef Revelation went to the Oaxacan chef Thalia Barriosfrom the restaurant pot yeast, located in Oaxaca. while the restaurant Rocasal by chef Atala Olmos, located in Mexico City, won the Opening of the Year award.

Photo: @levaduradeolla

In addition, to recognize the hundred-year career of Ángel “El Feo” García, from the restaurant Future Located in Tampico, it was awarded the title Tribute to the Trajectory of a Restaurateur, which was received by his son, Ángel García.

Also awarded:

  • Food journalist of the year (Miguel Conde)
  • Sommelier of the Year (Rubén Rodarte de Sud 777)
  • Chef baker (Carlos Ramírez Roure de Sucre and Cacao)
  • Pastry Chef (Daniella Freire, from Casa de Campo)
  • Head of the Room (Eduardo Figueroa from Balcón del Zócalo)
  • Supplier of the Year (Nuevos Horizontes, from Huasca de Ocampo, in Hidalgo)

In the ninth edition of the guide, new awards were also integrated, which were:

  • Mixologists-Bartenders of the Year (Claudia Cabrera and Eli Martínez)
  • Gastronomic Families in Mexico (Marta Zepeda and Kievf Rueda)
  • Mayor of the Year (Guillermina Ordóñez de Nicos)
  • Waiter of the Year (José Luis Nájera de Contramar)

During the event, the National Sustainability Award was also given to restaurants The grotto, Sotero, Kinich y The Oaxaca Dancersfor its commitment to the environment and society.

Photo: @kinichizamal

Finally, the 2023 Mexican Culinary Medal was awarded to chef Luis Osuna, and to Casa Madero. Chef Luis Osuna is an entrepreneur of the Restaurante Cayenne in Culiacán, and received the award for his hard work, passion and vision that comes with dedicating himself to the culinary arts. Madero Housethe oldest winery in Mexico, was recognized for its 425 years of dedication to national wine.

The México Gastronómico Guide aims to exalt and show the diversity of Mexican gastronomy and maintain a balance between the proposals of all the states of the country, as well as recognize each chef without distinction of gender, with the intention of breaking the gap between gender in the gastronomic field.

Photo: @cayenna_rest

The restaurants that appear in the guide were selected by a Council of Voters, made up of more than 60 gastronomic journalists, content creators, sommeliers and lovers of national gastronomy.

If you want to know the complete guide, you can buy it from February 15 at Librerías Gandhi, El Sótano, El Palacio de Hierro, Sanborns and online through The bookseller, which has shipments all over the world.


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