From February 7 to 14, 2024, the Mérida Carnival will be celebrated, under the motto Re-Evolution, from Fantasy to Innovation, which seeks to show the evolution of the human being, its future, and how the city of Mérida is in constant change.

Through a press conference, the mayor of Mérida, Alejandro Ruz Castro, announced the activities that will be carried out at the next Mérida Carnival, which will be part of the 482nd anniversary of the founding of the city.

One of the activities that stand out in this edition are the carnivals, a free-access music festival that will feature a variety of genres for all travelers to enjoy.

For this edition there will be nationally and internationally recognized artists such as La Arrolladora Banda El Limón, Matute, Merenglass, Ha*Ash, Nicky Jam, among others.

In addition, this edition will celebrate the 10th anniversary of “Ciudad Carnaval”.

This event will have parades and troupes dedicated to “Momo” and will feature the presence of personalities such as Wanders Lover, for the Friday parade; Miguel Martínez and Alexandra Fretes, for fantasy Saturday; Cecilia Galeano, Kim Flores and Fuzz, for Bachata Sunday; Freddy and Germán Ortega, “Los Mascabrothers” and Mariana Echeverría, for regional Monday; and Eugenio Siller, David Ortega, Alex Sirvent and Tefi Valenzuela, for the flower battle Tuesday.

The Arrolladora Banda El Limón will perform on February 3 after the coronation of the kings of Carnival 2024; Merenglass will be presented at the Burning of the Bad Mood; On February 10 it will be Matute’s turn and on February 11 it will be Ha*Ash’s turn. The festivities in “Ciudad Carnaval” will close on February 13 with the presentation of Nicky Jam.

Likewise, on January 27 there will be the coronation of the kings of the elderly, motor disability and intellectual disability, and the Muziek Grand Band with Caló, GB5, Peewee and Lalo Gameros, from Caballo Dorado, will perform.

Without a doubt, the Mérida Carnival is an event for the whole family, full of music, party, culture, fun, gastronomy and much more.

If you want to know more details about this great festival, we recommend visiting the official Mérida Carnival website.

The post They present the Mérida Carnival 2024 first appeared on Alan x el Mundo.

The post They present the Mérida Carnival 2024 appeared first on Alan x el Mundo.


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