Avengers Campus It is the newest area of ​​Disneyland Paris. It opened its doors in July 2022 inside Walt Disney Studios Park and it is a mandatory stop for fans of Marvel Superheroes. we tell you everything you need to know to visit Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris in this complete guide. We cover prices, hours, attractions, restaurants, character encounters, and more. Are you ready for action? πŸ˜‰


1. How much do Avengers Campus tickets cost?

Access to Avengers Campus is included with admission to Walt Disney Studios. You do not have to make any additional payment or reservation. Tea We recommend dedicating at least one full day to discover Walt Disney Studios and another day to the classic Parque Disneylandwhere the beautiful Castle of Sleeping Beauty is located.

Ticket prices for Disneyland Paris are dynamic. They change taking into account the exact dates of your visit, the number of days and if you will visit only one Park or both. We tell you in detail how to get Disneyland Paris tickets at the best price taking all these factors into account.

Buy your tickets for Disneyland Paris on the official website

If you visit the Parks this summer, you will be able to stay at the Disney Sequoia Lodge Hotel and have tickets for the Disney Parks for €162 per person per night. This reference price is valid between June 25 and September 1, 2023, although it is subject to availability and may vary.

Avengers Campus

2. Avengers Campus Hours

This area has the same hours as the rest of Walt Disney Studios. The opening and closing hours vary according to the time of the year, so it is convenient check the schedule for the day of your visit on the official website of Disneyland Paris.

If you stay at one of the Disney Hotels, you will have the opportunity to enter Avengers Campus before the rest of the visitors during the Extra Magic Time.

3. What attractions are in the Marvel Avengers Campus

The two Avengers Campus attractions are very different from each other. But both are certainly among the Walt Disney Studios best attractions. Do not miss it!

3.1. Avengers Assemble: Flight Force

Lover of strong emotions? You will enjoy a lot with this attraction by the hand of Iron-Man and Captain Marvel. They are looking for Super Heroes to help them save Earth from an intergalactic threat. If you dare with the mission, you will enter the headquarters of the Avengers, where the two Superheroes will receive you before embarking on a flight full of obstacles at full speed.

This indoor roller coaster goes very fast in a dark environment with music and lots of visual effects.. You will dodge missiles with sudden turns and movements to emerge victorious from the mission.

As it is a strong attraction, children who measure less than 1.20m are not allowed to climb. It is also not an attraction for pregnant women or people with health problems.

Avengers Campus
This intergalactic flight in Avengers Campus will shoot your adrenaline

3.2. Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure

The Spider-Bots have escaped and are multiplying at breakneck speed across the Avengers Campus ready to create technological mayhem. Peter Parker receives you at his headquarters to explain the problem and ask for your help to capture the spider robots.

After, you will put on 3D glasses and get into a vehicle that will take you through various screens full of Spider-Bots. You will have to throw cobwebs moving your arms in the purest Spider-Man style. The precision with which the attraction detects your movements is incredible and it adds points to you for each captured spider!

Unlike the previous attraction, this It is perfect for the whole family. It does not have a minimum height to be able to climb and, being interactive, the little ones enjoy it a lot.

Avengers Campus
Shooting cobwebs in one of the most fun attractions at Walt Disney Studios in Paris

4. Shows at Avengers Campus

4.1. Avengers Unite!

Keep an eye on the Avengers Campus rooftops, because at any moment you could witness an epic battle. Black Widow and Black Panther join forces to defeat Taskmaster and a band of mercenaries.. An action packed spectacle!

4.2. The Wakanda Warriors

General Oyoke leads the Dora Milaje in a demonstration of their battle dances. In addition to being fascinated by the movements of the Wakanda warriors who protect Black Panther, you will have the opportunity to volunteer to learn some fighting steps.

Avengers Campus
A very entertaining show to see at Avengers Campus

4.3. The Amazing Spider-Man!

You shouldn’t leave Avengers Campus without seeing Spider-Man’s amazing stunts. You can see him jumping over the roofs of the WEB (World Engineering Brigade) building while he watches over the Campus. His reflexes and agility will blow your mind.

4.4. Guardians of the Galaxy: Dance Challenge!

Do you love to dance? Join Star-Lord and Gamora to see if you have the pace to be a Guardian of the Galaxy. It is a very entertaining interactive dance presentation to move the skeleton as a family.

5. Superhero Encounters at Marvel Avengers Campus

Throughout the day, there spontaneous character appearances on Avengers Campus multiple times every hour. You can be walking around there and be surprised by Thor, Loki or Black Panther. Also, when there are new Marvel movie releases, the related characters are often seen. Stay tuned so you don’t miss any star appearances!

Avengers Campus
Superheroes can surprise you at any time in Avengers Campus

5.1. Hero Training Center

If you want to make sure you meet one of your favorite Superheroes, you can’t miss the Superheroes training center. Inside this building there encounters with Marvel movie characters throughout the day. you can say hello to Spider-Man, Iron-Man, Captain Marvel, or some other Avenger and take pictures with them.

Cola virtual para Hero Training Center

To access Hero Training Center you have to make a virtual queue. This replaces a physical queue and allows you to enjoy other attractions of the Park while your turn arrives. To enter the virtual queue, you should have the Disneyland Paris official app and link your input (and all of your group to be able to enter together).

Every day at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. access to the virtual queue of Hero Training Center opens. You must be attentive and be quick to enter, because Shifts usually run out within a few minutes. We recommend you set an alarm on your mobile to remind you, in the Parks you will have a lot of distractions! Once in the virtual queue, the time remaining for you to enter will be updated.

Don’t worry if you are far from Avengers Campus, because You will receive a notification 30 minutes before your turn and another when it is time to meet the Superheroes. Since then, you have an hour to enter. If you are late, you will have missed your turn and will have to try again the next day.

Hero Training Center, the best place to meet Superheroes

6. Where to eat on Avengers Campus: themed restaurants

6.1. Stark Factory

This is our favorite restaurant on Avengers Campus, serving pizzas, pasta and salads. Simulates the old factory of Tony Stark’s father transformed into a shop where the heroes build and repair their equipment. The decoration with high-tech equipment, plans, sketches and armor is very cool.

🍴 See the Stark Factory menu – pizzas, pasta and salads

Stark Factory is a great restaurant for lovers of Superheroes

6.2. PYM Kitchen

Another themed restaurant that you shouldn’t miss is PYM Kitchen, which offers a free buffet with many options. It is inspired by the Hank Pym’s Laboratory, the inventor of PYM particles. The space recreates a food research center, awesome for science and technology lovers to recharge their batteries!

🍴 See the PYM Kitchen menu – free buffet with dishes in giant and mini sizes, recreating laboratory experiments

Avengers Campus
PYM Kitchen is one of the coolest theme restaurants in the Parks

6.3. Super Diner

If you want to eat a sandwich as you travel back to the 1950sPeggy Carter’s friend’s Super Diner is your place on Avengers Campus!

🍴 See the Super Diner menu

6.4. Food trucks

In addition to the three restaurants where you can eat on Avengers Campus, there are of the food trucks in the zone. Are perfect if you don’t want to spend a lot of time eating because you prefer to explore the Disney Parks. In addition, they have affordable prices and food options for all tastes.

🍴 See the menu of FAN-Tastic Food Truck – they offer American food with hot dogs, very tempting sweets and drinks

🍴 See the WEB Food Truck menu – they have Asian noodles, desserts and drinks

WEB Food Truck, a good place to eat something delicious quickly

7. Shops at Avengers Campus

To end our guide on Avengers Campus, we cannot forget the opportunity to get merchandising Exclusive Marvel Superheroes at Disneyland Paris. The store Mission Equipment it is in the central plaza and you will also pass through it when exiting the Spider-Man attraction. there they sell clothing, home accessories, Superhero figures and even accessories to transform you into a Superhero. For example, you can take home a remote-controlled Spider-Bot or a WEB Slinger web shooter and feel like Spider-Man himself.

In addition to this store, there are carts in various areas of Avengers Campus that also sell merchandise, although the selection is not as large. Therefore, we recommend you stop by Mission Equipment if you want to take home a souvenir of the Superheroes at Disneyland Paris.

Do you want a Trick to not carry bags all day? πŸ˜‰ If you spend more than €50 in any of the Disneyland Paris or Walt Disney Studios stores before 3:00 p.m., you can leave your purchase at the store and pick it up at your hotel that same night when you arrive.


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