If you have ever dreamed of having a wedding by the sea, Cancun is one of the most romantic places in the world and one of the best destinations to get married.

Organize a Wedding and getting married in Cancun It would be framed by the incomparable turquoise waters and the fine white sand of the beaches.

Cancun is a very special place chosen by thousands of couples every year to get married or spend their honeymoon.

También es indiscutiblemente el lugar preferido por parejas que celebran sus aniversarios de bodas o quienes simplemente buscan disfrutar de una escapada romántica en su matrimonio.

Weddings on the Seashore: A Dream Come True

Imagine walking along the soft white sand with the waves touching the shore as you make your way towards the love of your life.

Las bodas en la orilla del mar en Cancún son un sueño hecho realidad para muchas parejas, mucho más especial que otros destinos por el color turquesa de su mar. 

The sea breeze, the sound of the waves and the clear sky become witnesses of your love.

Is it easy to get married in Cancun?

Most hotels have facilities and amenities for those travelers who want get married in CancunObviously, you must meet the requirements to get married in a civil ceremony prior to celebrating a wedding.

Civil Wedding in Cancun: Requirements and Details

A civil wedding in Cancun is a popular option for couples around the world. However, there are certain requirements that you should take into account before planning your wedding in this beautiful destination.

Además de los documentos personales, como actas de nacimiento y pasaportes, los análisis clínicos matrimoniales son necesarios para asegurar que ambos contrayentes estén en buen estado de salud. 

These tests include VDRL, HIV, and blood group testing. Make sure you take these tests well in advance, as the results are usually valid for 15 days.

Here we detail the requirements a little more.

Requirements to get married in Cancun, marriages between Mexicans:

1. Original and a copy of the Birth Certificate of the spouses.
2. Prenuptial clinical analyzes of both parties VDRL, HIV and RH and medical certificate of good health. The results are valid for 15 days.
3. Copy of an official identification with a photograph of the spouses.
4. If any spouse is widowed or divorced, a copy of the document that proves it.
5. If any of the couple is a minor, a copy of the parents’ identification, who must appear on the day of the wedding as witnesses and present a marriage dispensation issued by the Secretary of the City Council.
6. Copy of official identification with a photo of two witnesses per spouse.

Requirements to get married in Cancun, marriages of Mexicans with foreigners

1. Original and copy of the Birth Certificate of the Mexican spouse.
2. Original and copy of the Birth Certificate of the foreign taxpayer apostilled and translated by an authorized expert into the Spanish language.
3. Original and copy of the official identification with photo of the Mexican taxpayer.
4. Valid passport of the foreign spouse.
5. Permission for the foreign spouse from the Secretary of the Interior Immigration Office to marry a Mexican assigned to the office.
6. Prenuptial clinical analyzes of both parties VDRL, HIV and RH and medical certificate of good health. The results are valid for 15 days.
7. Original and copy of an official identification with a photo of two witnesses per taxpayer.
8. Copy of the right payment to the Bank.
9. Legal copy of stay for foreigners.

Esto con el fin de que tu matrimonio sea válido y reconocido nacional e internacional, por lo que es necesario venir preparado y con anticipación a la fecha de celebración de tu boda para cumplir todos los trámites de manera eficaz y en forma.
wedding packages in cancun

If what you are looking for is a Religious wedding In the hotel zone of Cancun you will find a church, although many hotels have chapels inside for celebrating your religious wedding.

Cancun Wedding Packages: All Inclusive and Customized

One of the advantages of getting married in Cancun is the availability of a variety of wedding packages that can greatly facilitate planning your special day.

Many hotels and resorts offer all-inclusive wedding packages that cover everything from the ceremony to the reception, decorations and food.

These packages allow you to enjoy your wedding without worrying about the details.

Hotels with Wedding Packages in Cancun

Due to the high demand for weddings in Cancun, almost all hotels have services designed to meet the needs of a Civil marriage or religious in Cancun within its facilities.

Many have all inclusive packages where you will only worry about enjoying the best day of your life. Get closer to your Travel agency to help you choose according to your plans and budget since there are different categories.

Existen paquetes de todos los presupuestos en los hoteles, de hecho hay algunos donde la boda te sale prácticamente gratis o muy barata si una buena parte de tus invitados se hospedan en el hotel, así que solo debes convencerlos de que te acompañen pagando su estancia y te ahorrarás mucho en el evento.

Beach Weddings in Cancun: Unforgettable Experiences

A beach wedding in Cancun offers an intimate and romantic atmosphere and there are all types.

You can choose between a simpler ceremony with your feet in the sand or a more elaborate setup with an elegant gazebo by the sea.

The choice is yours, and Cancun wedding planners are ready to make your dreams come true.

Furthermore, getting married in Cancun is always a good excuse to return year after year, enjoying the sea, the beaches and the surroundings of the best tourist destination in Mexico.

Fall in love twice in Cancun!

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