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February, the month of love, a season where the excuses to be with that special someone abound even more, or perhaps also to be with yourself or with friends.

So this time, with the help of Known Theater, We share some recommendations of works that you can see in Mexico City, this season, with your better half, flirt, friends or with yourselves.

seven times goodbye

It is the story of “Ella” and “Él”, a couple on the verge of a seven-year crisis who seizes the moment to rethink the course of their relationship and their lives. Around them is a group of artists who, inspired by the couple, will create songs of love, heartbreak and hope to accompany this and all love stories. The bridge that unites both universes is “Lamore”, the personification of love itself and narrator of the work.

In addition to being an original idea from our favorite traveler, the success of this staging has made it change the cast for the third time, so if you haven’t seen it, you’ll enjoy Ana González Bello, Nacho Tahhan and Valeria Vera as protagonists of this story, and if you already saw it, now you have to see it with them!

Ramiro Jimenez Theater

Friday 9:00pm, Saturdays 5:30pm and 8:00pm and Sunday 5:00pm

Tickets at:

Wenses and Lala

Wenses and Lala grew up and made their lives in some lost place on the northern coast of Mexico. The work inhabits an attractive timelessness that manages to situate itself at any moment in our lives or that of our acquaintances. It is a story of pure love. He who not even death can stop making him live. Wenses, a brave man, of strong convictions, shy and quiet but with burning feelings like those of the eye of a silent storm. Lala, a wonderful woman, vivacious, cheerful, dedicated, with that impetus for life that makes her fall in love with her. Together in adversity, they learned everything about life. Optimistic to the end, because yes, they are not tears, never have been.

This story has been going on for many seasons due to its success, don’t miss it in this month of love and friendship, until February 28.

New Versailles Theater

Tuesday 8:00 p.m.

or you could kiss me

It is told by two actors, who play a couple in their present, and by four puppets; two of them represent the same couple when they were young, in the past, and the other two represent them when they are old, in the future. Each puppet is manipulated by a team of actors/puppeteers, giving voice to the thoughts and questions of the characters.

In the winter of 2036, two old men look for a way to say goodbye after a lifetime together. In 1970 they themselves, as young people, seek the courage necessary to fall in love. In the middle of the road, in the present, they remember and project their lives.

This story directed by José Manuel López Velarde would only run for 12 performances, but due to the success it has been extended for 12 more performances until March 19.

The theater

Friday 8:30pm, Saturday 7:00pm and Sunday 6:00pm

I love you, you are [email protected]now change

16 independent vignettes that present the different stages of couple relationships, from the first days of courtship, marriage, lawsuits, the arrival of children, reconciliations, to widowhood. It’s a fun musical comedy that you can enjoy with your partner and maybe identify with.

Hidalgo Theater

Friday 8:30pm, Saturdays 6:00pm and 8:30pm, Sundays 6:00pm


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