This Tuesday, January 30, the Pixar Place Hotel opened, the first completely Pixar-themed hotel in the United States.

This hotel celebrates the art of Pixar Animation Studios, also has new dining options, a rooftop pool, sports courts, a gym and many more surprises. Plus character artwork, concept renders, and illustrated stories from the films.

Pixar Place Hotel’s design evokes the inspiration and humor of Pixar films and also celebrates its artistic process, showcasing preliminary sketches through to the final design. Its decoration represents some of the most memorable moments of our favorite stories.

From the moment you arrive you will be immersed in the world of Pixar, the lobby has a large sculpture of the iconic Pixar lamp balancing on a ball. Additionally, floating from the ceiling is a mobile depicting the early stages of the films’ creation, with character designs made of basic shapes and colors.

If you’re lucky you’ll be able to see Joe Gardner from Sourl playing the piano near the hotel staircase; Additionally, Bing Bong from Intensa-Mente will be creating photo memories with guests.

The rooms feature incredible details in their design, from the concept art on the headboards, to pillows inspired by the Pixar Ball, you will also find works of art that were created by Pixar Animation Studios artists especially for the hotel.

Pixar Place Hotel has 479 rooms, including two new themed suites with two rooms each, as well as a new concierge lounge.

The Coco suite pays tribute to Miguel and his family’s legacy through vibrant Oaxacan art, while the Incredibles suite features memorabilia from the Parr family.

On the rooftop you will find recreational areas to play and relax, it is also the ideal place to watch the fireworks, and you will find comfortable sofas and bonfires themed as Pixar characters.

In Pixar Short Court you can enjoy outdoor games themed to Pixar short films. They can also relax next to the Pixel Pool, have fun in Nemo’s Cave, a Finding Nemo-themed water play area; or enjoy a ride down the 56-meter-long Crush’s Surfin Slide.

And if you are Fudis around the World, you can find dining options in Great Maple and even a coffee shop, The Sketch Pad Café.

By staying at the Pixar Place Hotel you will have the benefits of a Disney hotel, such as entering the theme parks 30 minutes before regular opening to enjoy the attractions, restaurants and shops.

To learn more about the hotel, visit the Disneyland page.


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