Next year, Mexico will appear in the Michelin Guide with restaurants in five destinations in the country, Mexico City, Oaxaca, Los Cabos, Nuevo León and Baja California.

During an event held in Mexico City, Matthieu Aubron and Gwendal Poullennec, President and CEO of Michelin Mexico – Central America and International Director of Michelin Guides, respectively, announced the incorporation of Mexico to the guide.

They highlighted that thanks to its culture, history and ecosystems, Mexico has a great variety of ingredients that allows Mexican cuisine to be diverse.

Therefore, in the country, you can find a great quality of flavors from the markets to renowned restaurants.

So in the coming weeks, Michelin Guide inspectors will explore and examine different restaurants and street stalls.

The Michelin Guide was created in 1900 by the tire company Michelin to support the growth of automobile mobility. Since then, it has remained true to its original mission: establishing itself in established gastronomic destinations, guiding international travelers and local food lovers to the best restaurants, highlighting global culinary scenes and promoting travel culture.

The selection of Michelin Guide restaurants will be carried out independently by its anonymous inspectors following the Guide’s historical and global methodology.

Only the quality of the cuisine offered by the restaurants will be evaluated by the inspectors according to the 5 international criteria of the Guide:

  • The quality of products.
    • Mastery of cooking techniques.
    • The harmony of flavors.
    • The personality of the chef represented in the kitchen.
    • Consistency both over time and across the entire menu.

The full selection of Michelin Guide restaurants will be revealed in 2024.


The post The Michelin Guide arrives in Mexico first appeared on Alan x el Mundo.

The post The Michelin Guide arrives in Mexico appeared first on Alan x el Mundo.


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