The mattress test is already a tradition in Alan around the world, we could even say that it is a “ritual” to ensure a good adventure and above all a good rest.

This test consists of jumping on the bed of your lodging, upon arrival, to test its comfort.


But this goes beyond the simple jump, because this act is consolidated until the moment of sleeping and waking up completely rested.

This Friday, March 18, World Sleep Day is celebrated, which was created with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of sleeping well.

So we want to take advantage of this day to emphasize how important it is to have a good rest when traveling.

By sleeping well and resting on trips, we can enjoy our adventures 100%, can you imagine walking all day in Petra or through the streets of Rome without having slept well? The experience will not be the same.

For this reason, it is also important to organize an itinerary well in which they can take time to relax, rest and not run from one place to another.

Also, when looking for accommodation, take into account the comments of other travelers about the comforts of your room, especially the bed, so that you have a good rest during your stay.

How many of you do not have a good memory of one of your stays in bed?

In Alan around the world we have had good experiences in this regard, both in hotels and hostels, which have remained in our memory thanks to the comfort of the beds and the service, so do your research so that you have a good night’s sleep. repairman.

In addition, several lodgings strive to provide good service to travelers so that their stay is relaxing and unforgettable.

To commemorate World Sleep Day, Westin hotels want their guests to live the Sleep Well experience, through exclusive programs where they can try a lavender and chamomile balm that will help release tension and calm the senses; as well as the Sleep Well menu that has meals that improve the quality of sleep and can even be enjoyed without leaving the room.

And of course, they can have a good rest in one of their Heavenly Beds that have a unique design with a soft padded top that allows them to have top quality support.

If you want to learn more about Westin hotel experiences for restful sleep, click here. Or if you’re in Mexico City, treat yourself to a couple of nights at the Westin Santa Fe!

Have you had comforting experiences on your travels? Share them in the comments!

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