By: Gabriela Contreras

One of the things I love the most is traveling and exposing myself to new adventures to live. During the last 5 years I have dedicated myself to traveling to all corners of Mexico. Exploring the beautiful magical towns, beaches and cities to share this journey with a traveling community on social networks.

Then in 2020 the pandemic hit and a new adventure began.

I noticed something in my body that was not normal and when I went for a medical check-up I heard the words you never want to hear: “We’re sorry miss, it’s cancer”.

I was detected with malignant cells in the breast. It was a surprise because I am young and genetically I have no history of diseases like this in my family.

The diagnosis of Breast Cancer was accompanied by feelings of fear, sadness and uncertainty THAT took hold of me.

Perhaps the most important and challenging adventure of my life had begun.

I thought that sometimes to get to our destination we go through well-marked and well-known paths that are easy to cross. And other times in life, we have to walk through unknown spaces that are scary to cross. At that time she trembled not knowing what was ahead. But she was sure that this bump in the road was going to pass and that great things were to come.

For this new trip I decided to take little luggage to travel it in peace.

I took confidence, personal work, love, compassion and security. I discovered that I was my best companion and I was able to share this process with beings who gave me a lot of strength along the way.

I learned that all things happen for a reason, above all, they happen for something.

Trust the turbulence. As chaotic as the scenario may be, trust yourself and trust the purpose. Remember that the journey does not stop, a new beautiful destination is approaching.

The most important journey we travel is our own life. Sometimes we need to take a leap of faith and steps of courage to feel whole again and connect with new purposes.

After this event, every new experience I enjoy more.

Today it is clear to me that we come to this life only for one thing: To live!

Start to thank and appreciate the present, because nothing is repeated twice.

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