Gastronomy has been important in my life, who hasn’t? I like to discover new flavors, especially while traveling because I get brave and try ingredients that I had sworn never to eat, causing my perspective to change.

For a long time I had a craving for Arabic food, but I couldn’t find the ideal time and company to do it, because my close circle of friends saw me as strange because their relationship with this type of food is not good.

Although I have to say that my relationship with Arab food is one of love-hate; its spices, unique flavors and even that everyone eats from the same plate is something that I love; However, during trips to the Middle East there comes a time when those flavors start to tire and become monotonous, because after all it’s something I’m not used to.

Anyway, returning with the craving I had to try flavors from the Middle East, I received an invitation that suited me like “a glove”; it was to go eat Al Andalusan Arab food restaurant, especially Lebanese, which is located in San Ángel, south of Mexico City, and which is under the command of chef Mohamed Mazeh.

Upon arrival we were greeted with a Beirut Cocktail, which is made from Arak (a grape brandy with anise) and aranciata. A delight!

When we were comfortable and relaxed in our seats, they began to put various dishes on our table, and right there began my trip to the Middle East and the memories of my journeys through those lands.

We served ourselves a bit of everything, there were hearts of palm, raw keppe, rice with lentils, tabbouleh salad, fatouch salad, hummus, Arabic bread, falafel croquettes, kepe bola, jocoque. Everything delicious!

But not everything was there, one more dish was ready to be tasted, lamb with rice, the king of Arab food, at least for me.

We accompany everything with the house wine, which is a Lebanese wine from the Bekaa Valley. Highly recommended!

Dessert time arrived; we tried a wide variety, my favorites were the arabic sweets and the chocolate truffle. And of course, the Arabic coffee was not lacking.

At the end of the banquet we were able to meet chef Mohamed, who told us that Al Andalus is a place where, in addition to making Arab gastronomy known, it seeks to transmit the hospitality of Lebanese culture, even every corner of the restaurant has details inspired by the Libano.

By the way, at the end of the conversation with the chef, we had another small culinary surprise, they gave us mole ice cream, something that exploded my senses; it had a sweet, spicy, chocolaty flavor and of course it tasted like mole. Without a doubt, it was “the icing on the cake”.

This gastronomic experience was spectacular, without a doubt I know that I will return to Al Andalus, because I have a toxic relationship with Arabic food and I will never be able to leave it.


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