Mexican gastronomy is one of the most varied and recognized worldwide. The dishes from each state of the Republic are an incredible offer of flavors, smells and endless sensations.

As a tribute to Puebla cuisine, 10 years ago he opened the Angelópolis restaurant, run by chef Gerardo Quezadas, in the Roma Norte neighborhood, in Mexico City. To celebrate, starting on May 5 (nothing more ideal than the commemoration of the Battle of Puebla) a menu is offered where diners can review their historical menu.

As a journey through his classic recipes and in a very personal way by chef Quezadas, who included in his preparations the wisdom and seasoning of his mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, Angelópolis offers some of his classics for a limited time, which are we had a chance to test during his announcement.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in Puebla cuisine? Join us to know these proposals:

Jamaican golden tacos ($105)

In order not to forget the #FudisPorElMundo Vegetarians, this proposal also includes lettuce, cream and Cuaresmeño chile and tomato sauce.

Photo: Miriam Rivera

Arabian tacos ($145)

A true tradition in Puebla, the reinterpretation of Angelópolis is made in flour tortilla, pork and lamb, endemic chili peppers and jocoque.

Photo: Karla Campos

Mushroom ceviche ($105)

This incorporation is made with mushrooms, mushrooms, tomato, coriander, chili and onion.

Photo: Karla Campos

Mole poblano ($290)

Made with recipes from the women in his family, the mole with chicken is accompanied by rice and beans.

Photo: Miriam Rivera

Ninón Cake ($95)

A tribute to conventual Puebla confectionery: mamón de natas, bathed in homemade almond eggnog and covered with sweet pepita.

Photo: Karla Campos

When: This anniversary menu will be available until August 2023, in time for its well-known chile en nogada season (which can be tried all year round in a traditional way) and that in these months they make new proposals for this traditional dish.

Where: Puebla 371, Roma Norte, Mexico City.

Precio: $$


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