When you want to enjoy unique natural attractions, Mexico will not stop surprising you; discover one of them in our post “The Bufadora in Ensenada Baja California“.

Ensenada is a city with many proposals to enjoy, exquisite gastronomy, excellent wines, beautiful beaches, in addition to the charms that nature gave it.

Part of the state of Baja California (North), the city of Ensenada is one of its jewels, along with fascinating destinations such as Tijuana, the Magic Town of Tecate, Mexicali, Playas de Rosarito and although it is not a municipality, you cannot miss the famous Valle de Guadalupe, area of ​​great vineyards.

Ensenada is the most visited port in the Pacific, it is visited by numerous cruise ships that dock at the marina, so that its passengers can enjoy the beauty of Mexico.

Likewise, we cannot fail to mention that this beautiful city is recognized as the Capital of Mexican Wine, World Capital of Off Road and the cradle of Mexican surfing, titles that make the destination even more interesting.

But, it is time to get to know La Bufadora, one of its star attractions…

What is the Bufadora, in Ensenada Baja California?

La Bufadora is a marine geyser without hot springs and is recognized as the second largest in the world, the water it “expels” can reach up to 30 meters above sea level; the first is in Hawaii.

In Mexico there is another with similar characteristics, but with hot springs and in a mountain area, it is located in the El Geiser water park, in Hidalgo.

La Bufadora is located just 35 km south of Ensenada, Maneadero delegation, in the town of Punta Banda, Baja California; It is there where you will find a kind of tourist hostel with different proposals to enjoy the day.

Since you enter the property, you have an area like a tourist walkway, with many stalls, ideal for walking and buying a souvenir, there are also places to sell drinks, restaurants and parking, services necessary for the comfort of its visitors.

Following the route, you will arrive at the viewpoint from where you can appreciate incredible views of the coast, and of course, it is the place chosen to wait for the action of the Bufadora.

It depends on the place you choose to admire this phenomenon of nature, it will be how wet you are going to get… Try different points of the viewpoint and have fun with the enormous jet of water that the sea will give you…

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Photo: Beaches of Mexico

What other activities can be done on your walk through Bufadora?

If your idea is to enjoy your visit to the fullest, you have places where you can camp, there are also alternatives to practice activities such as hiking, sport fishing, horseback riding, kayaking, coastering and rappelling, diving, snorkeling, among other tours.

Likewise, Ensenada has options to enjoy such as its boardwalk, boat trips from the marina, walking along the first street, eating churros and fish tacos, getting to know at least one of its vineyards, admiring sunrises and sunsets by the sea, exploring its beaches, etc.

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Photo: Mexican Beaches

Tips for a better experience

In order to appreciate the beauty of the geyser in action, it is ideal to visit Bufadora early or after 6 in the afternoon, so you can avoid the huge number of people who gather to enjoy this attraction.

The best time to witness the huge jets of water is in winter, since in summer the tide is a little lower; On the other hand, they say that if there is a full moon, the sea is rougher, so you will also be able to see jets of water from great heights.

If you are lucky and there are few people, take a few minutes to listen to the sound of the sea when the Bufadora is put into action; she keeps that memory in your head, an experience that you will love.

If you don’t want to get wet, but you want to appreciate the Bufadora up close, bring a water poncho, with that and a water protector for your cell phone, you will surely enjoy it and take incredible photos along the way.

Wear comfortable shoes so you don’t get tired and you can comfortably enjoy the walk through the corridor of vendors until you reach the viewpoint.

It is a good idea to rent a car to explore the surroundings of Ensenada and reach La Bufadora, so you can appreciate the postcards that this beautiful destination offers.

If that is not an option for you, you can also get there by public transport, it leaves the center and leaves you nearby, then take another one that leaves you at the Bufadora property.

If on your way to La Bufadora you see strange circles that form in the sea, don’t be scared, ask about the fish farming.

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Photo: La Bufadora, Facebook

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