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A few days ago I published article 12 plans to travel with children to the Algarve. Among the proposed activities what to do in the Algarve I mentioned visiting some of its fun water parks, hiking or visiting some of the 6 best beaches to travel with children to the Algarve. But I also recommended living the experience of sleeping in one of the best campings del Algarveand not only because it is an open space immersed in nature (generally), but because of the many leisure options and the enormous socialization that the little ones can experience playing with children of other nationalities.

campings del algarvecampings del algarve
Children and teenagers love to set up tents

Throughout my 30 years of experience traveling through the Algarve (with my nephews we always went camping and in recent years with my children of 11 and 13 years old) I have stayed in several hotels and campsites in this region of southern Portugal that so seduces and falls in love with the world. Therefore, if you think travel to the Algarve in this article, In addition to giving you some tips for going camping, I am going to show you what I consider to be the best campsites in the Algarve and which ones I recommend. If you are more into hotels, I recommend that you visit our 15 post recommended hotels in the Algarve.

Map of Algarve campsites

In the following map I indicate where the campings del Algarve which I recommend with the idea that you can locate them easily.

What to bring to the Algarve campsites

Everything will depend on the facilities of the campings del Algarve in which you are interested. For example, having a barbecue area with tables and seats makes things much easier, as you save space in the car by not having to carry more junk. In any case I usually carry the following:

  • For sleeping. Tent, inflatable mat, sheets, small pillows and blanket (cools at night).
  • to eat. Stove (camping gas), saucepan, frying pan, lighter, knife, cutlery, metal plates and glasses (try not to bring plastic). I usually buy food at the supermarket (except oil, sugar and salt, which I bring from home) and bring a scouring pad and detergent to scrub.
  • For personal hygiene. The classic (soap, toothpaste, toilet paper…). It is important not to forget flip flops to wear in the shower, as well as a bag to store dirty clothes. The showers, which are individual, usually have wall hangers and supports where you can store some objects.
  • To rest. Folding table and stools.
  • To play. Board games, cards, soccer ball, basketball and folding basket (bought at Decatlon).
  • some objects. Spare pegs, clothesline and clothespins.
campings del algarvecampings del algarve
The old Ford Focus next to our store

Which campsite to go to in the Algarve

When I look for a campsite in the Algarve I try to have…

  • Good precio (not all cost the same).
  • Quite sombra (important).
  • No more than 10-15 minutes by car to the playa (if it is on the beach, much better). In this article you can see what in my opinion are the best beaches in the Algarve.
  • Zones of games childish.
  • Animation for children.
  • Facilities sports.
  • Supermarket.
  • Bar/restaurant.
  • Toilets and showers nearby of the plots.
  • Barbecue.
  • Pool.

Not all campings del Algarve that I visit manage to meet all these requirements. Sometimes they lack some of them but I reserve them anyway.

Campings del AlgarveCampings del Algarve
The four artists at a campsite in the Algarve

If you are going to stay 2 or 3 days With children in the Algarve I recommend that you stay in a single campsite and from here move to the places you want to visit in the Algarve. Why make them so dizzy from one place to another, suitcase up, suitcase down? The Algarve is not particularly large, so you can be anywhere in the region in practically an hour.
If you are going to stay between 3 and 7 days and even a couple of weeks and you feel like visiting other areas of the Algarve, I recommend that you book two campsites, one in the easternmost Algarve and another in the westernmost Algarve.

Recommended campsites in the western Algarve

Camping Orbitur en Sagres

If you plan to camp on the west coast of the Algarve, I recommend the Camping Orbitur en Sagres (where I have stayed dozens of times). Although it is not the one with the best facilities, its location is perfect for getting to know the entire area and visiting beaches such as Beliche Beach (for me, the best beach in the world) or the Telheiro beachanother of the best.

campings del algarvecampings del algarve
Free camping area at the Orbitur Sagres campsite

If you don’t like sleeping in a tent and prefer to sleep in a campsite bungalow, you can reserve it at this link.

campings del algarvecampings del algarve
Bungalows del Orbitur Sagres

– Address: Cerro das Moitas, 8650-998 Vila de Sagres, Faro.
– More information about the Playa Beliche.
– List of restaurants where to eat in Sagres.
Recommended excursions in Sagres. You might be interested in this one 4×4 tour along the coast of Sagres to see the best beaches in Sagres. If you want to have a close view of the Sagres coast you can do this boat trip along the coast of Sagres and Cape St. Vincent.

Camping Orbitur Valverde en Lagos

La coqueta is located very close to Sagres Lagos city, which hides some fantastic beaches. There is located the camping Valverde, which seems extraordinary to me. It has 600 numbered pitches (also a free camping area), terrace, bar, restaurant, minimarket, children’s play area and swimming pool with free access. There are also bungalows, which you can reserve at this link.

Camping Orbitur ValverdeCamping Orbitur Valverde
Acceso al camping Orbitur Valverde

– Address: Estrada da Praia da Luz, 8600-148 Lagos.
– More information about Lagos beaches.
Recommended excursions in Lagos. The Punta de Piedade It is one of the most spectacular places in the Algarve. This is highly recommended boat ride around Punta da Piedade or in this kayak tour of Punta da Piedade. If you like dolphins you might be interested in this other one dolphin watching tour in Lagos.

Recommended campsites in the eastern Algarve

Camping Olhão

Olhão It is a municipality that I love to visit. Here is located the so-called Camping and Caravanning Park of the Bank Workers Union of the South and Islands (for us, camping in Olhão), without a doubt, one of our favorite campsites in the Algarve. It has a supermarket, snack bar, restaurant, children’s play area, swimming pool (fee), sports facilities and much more. The good musical shows that come together here every night mean that the Olhão campsite is for us the best campsite in the Algarve.

Camping OlhãoCamping Olhão
Our boys playing the popular “virus”

– Address: Pinheiros de Marim, Quelfes, 8700-225 Olhão.
– More information about the city of Olhão.
Recommended excursions by Olhão. To visit the Ria Formosa this is highly recommended. excursion to see dolphins in Olhao and this boat trip on the Ria Formosa.

Camping Orbitur Ilha de Armona

If you are looking for a great adventure for the little ones, you are uncomfortable with a tent and prefer book a bungalowel camping Armona Island It is one of the best options campsites in the Algarve since to get there you must get on a ferry or a taxi boat (children will love it).

It is located in the isla de Armona (in front of the municipality of Olhão). It exclusively has bungalows (there are no camping pitches) which have a bathroom with towels, a well-equipped kitchen (except a microwave, which must be rented), a small living-dining room and two bedrooms (with sheets). It also has a good terrace-porch with table, chairs and sun loungers. It has a children’s area for playing and everything is really clean.

campings del algarvecampings del algarve
Camping Isla de Armona

– Address: Ilha de Armona, Apartado 487, 8700-282, Olhão.
– More information about the Isla de Armona.

Camping Ilha de Tavira

He Tavira Island camping It was the first campsite I visited in the Algarve (about 25 years ago). When located in the Tavira Island (you should know that the city ​​of Tavira It does not have a beach) you must get on a ferry or boat taxi to get there (an extra for going with children as it will also be quite an adventure).

Access to the beach is direct so it is another extra plus for traveling with children to the Algarve. If you don’t want to run your store, you should know that they rent them here. It has a supermarket, bar, barbecue area, children’s games and soccer, handball and volleyball tournaments are organized on the beach.

My nephews playing at the campsite

– Address: Ilha de Tavira, 8800 Tavira, Portugal.
– More information about what to see in Tavira.
– More information about the Tavira campsite here.
Recommended excursions in Tavira. One of the most recommended excursions in Tavira is this boat trip from Tavira through the islands of the Ria Formosa to get to know the entire area well. If you like dolphins you are in luck because this one leaves from Tavira Tavira island boat tour to see dolphins. For traveling with children, this is recommended. tour en tuk-tuk por Tavira.


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