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When you decide to visit a country and learn more about its customs and traditions, one of the first tasks you should do is take note of its celebrations, it is there where you can experience the roots and customs of its people.

Each country has its charm and surely there are unique and very representative parties, but in Mexico, there are some that cross borders, to the point of becoming a famous movie, you can surely imagine it…

But there is much more, exquisite gastronomy, typical costumes, music, events full of color that excite…

We are going to know a little more about those parties that you cannot miss.

Day of the Dead, the number 1 of the holidays in Mexico

If there is a celebration that occupies a privileged place among the most important festivities in Mexico, it is the Day of the Dead, an event that brings people closer to their loved ones who are no longer on this plane.

Beautiful altars, abundant meals, cemeteries with music, catrinas, sweet skulls, cempasúchil flowers, alebrijes, bread of the dead, everything is part of an important tradition that aims to always keep in mind those who came before us.

Although they are days with a great mixture of feelings, love, nostalgia, sadness, etc., the events are also a party, a celebration of spiritual reunion with loved ones who come to visit us.

Many destinations in Mexico have special celebrations, as is the case of the great parade that takes place along Paseo de La Reforma in CDMX, in which thousands of local people and people from all over the world participate.

Likewise, families gather to visit the cemeteries, in addition to participating in processions, rituals and other events in honor of their dead.

And we cannot fail to mention the influence of American culture that is also present and amalgamates with this beautiful Mexican tradition, although its meaning is not the same. Learn more here.

Oaxaca is a magical Mexican destination where you can discover a very important part of the country’s culture; delicious cuisine, exquisite coffee, suits and dresses full of color and with beautiful embroidery, and the icing on the cake, the Guelaguetza, a beautiful traditional festival also present among the indisputable symbols of the town’s identity and history.

In the Guelaguetza, solidarity is celebrated, the power to share and that this be reciprocal, commemorating those difficult times that could be overcome thanks to the support of the people with the people.

To enjoy this event, you have to book a place in your agenda for the month of July, especially the two Mondays following the 16th, when the Cerro del Fortín dresses up to receive the participating delegations and thousands of visitors who come to enjoy an amazing party.

The parades through the streets of Oaxaca de Juárez the previous weekend are also not to be missed, the calendas with their dances, the Oaxacan chinas with their beautiful colorful costumes, the marmot, fireworks, mezcal, are something that you will be able to to enjoy.

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Photo: Guelaguetza, Facebook

Mexico fairs

If we talk about parties, the fairs cannot be missing from that list, and in Mexico, there are many… Also, the good thing is that the events are held at different times of the year, so you will not have excuses not to attend.

The fairs can be summarized as a type of event that takes place in a large venue, although it also offers different locations such as palenques, poliforum, etc., where you find mechanical games, a wide gastronomic offer that goes from sweets, breads, snacks to dishes more elaborate.

Likewise, you can participate in artistic and cultural exhibitions, live shows, concerts by national and international artists and many other proposals that each destination has prepared.

The San Marcos Fair in Aguascalientes, which is held between April and May, is one of the oldest in the country and highly recognized internationally; Likewise, the León Fair, in February, attracts crowds.

The National Fair of Durango, in July, the Tabasco Fair in Villahermosa, in the month of May, the National Fair of Zacatecas in September is one more; Although we will not mention them here, there are many more options of these parties in Mexico that you should surely enjoy.

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Photo: León State Fair, Facebook

16 of September

September is a very Mexican month, from the first day of the month you begin to see carts selling costumes, flags, toys, hats, souvenirs, all with the national colors.

The decorations in shops, houses, government offices, even in the streets are part of the magic of those dates and a very special touch is found in the monumental flags, with a large mast from which that imposing canvas flutters with the colors of Mexico.

This is how the entire country dresses up to wait for September 16, the date on which the cry of Independence since 1810 is commemorated.

The celebrations are held from end to end of the country, being the 15th, when thousands of people gather in front of the Government Palace of each destination to live and enjoy the joy of giving the Cry of Independence, with a protocol that gives solemnity to the act and fills every Mexican with emotion.

Undoubtedly one of the favorite places at this time is the Zócalo of Mexico City, which looks incredibly beautiful and on the night of the 15th, one of the most beautiful parties in Mexico takes place.

In addition to this, the Marquesada Festival in Salvatierra Guanajuato, the Santa Lucía Festival in Monterrey, the Tamaulipas International Festival, etc., are some of the events that you can also enjoy in the national month.

Photo: Government of Mexico

Carnivals, another of the funniest parties in Mexico

Although carnivals are not a party exclusive to the country, beautiful carnival celebrations take place in Mexico, which, in the month of February, are an important attraction in several destinations.

People in costumes, troupes, music, burning of dolls or burning of bad humor, election of the queen, allegorical cars and a lot of partying, are the classics that cannot be missed in these events, although each destination has a special way of celebrating carnival.

Campeche, Mazatlán, Mérida, Cozumel, Veracruz are among the top ten of the best carnivals in Mexico, with impressive staging that summon locals and tourists to celebrate in a big way.

But the multiculturalism of this beautiful country offers us more carnival parties, special celebrations with the magic of indigenous tradition.

You will be able to discover unique events and with other ways of living the festivity such as the carnivals of Tlaxcala or the celebration of the Totonacas north of the Sierra de Puebla, who organize dancing groups, the huehues and the mulattoes.

It is also interesting to know regions like Zaachila in Oaxaca, Huejotzingo in Puebla and Tzucacab in Yucatán, where the carnival is commemorated as a battle; traditional dances such as in Aguacatitlán with the dance of concheros, pastoras and tecuanes, or the dances of the feather and gardeners in Capulhuac (Mexico), just to mention a few.

The events of these dates are many and they all have their charm, you just need to check the carnival agenda of the place where you are or the destination you want to visit… The rest will be to enjoy!

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