Restaurants in Mexico have a unique and diverse way of handling and serving food. They are all dedicated to their individual tastes and styles, but they all share a deep love for the traditional cooking style and the ingredients that make Mexican food unlike any other.

The three staples of Mexican dishes that you can expect are corn, beans, and chiles. Corn is one of the main foods in the Mexican diet and is consumed in many different ways; the most popular is the tortilla (a thin, round cake made with corn dough).

The food in Mexico is rich, delicious, diverse and exciting. Here are the top 4 restaurants to visit the next time you are in Mexico City:

1. Chilpa

Address: Chilpancingo 35, Mexico City, Mexico.

You’ll find Chilpa in the neighborhood of the Countess. Choose from baked or fried tortilla chips, then choose from 7 different delicious sauces, then add your ingredients. There are options of eggs for breakfast, salt meat for lunch or dinner, and vegetables of course. They have vegetarian, vegan options and even freshly made juices on site if you don’t feel like the tortilla.

2. El Cardenal

Address: de la Palma 23, Historic Center of Mexico City.

El Cardenal It first opened in 1969 in Mexico City. Since its opening it has changed locations and has become a highly successful franchise. You can find branches in Palma, Alameda, Lomas and San Ángel.

This legendary restaurant is located near the zocalo, about a 10-minute walk away. It is known for serving one of the best and most delicious breakfasts in the city and is definitely a must try place.

As long as I’m there, try their delicious and rich Doña Oliva chocolate, accompanied by your choice of freshly baked pastries and milk cream. If you don’t feel like sweet, then try their enchiladas, or a Spanish tortilla.

3. Tacos De Canasta The Specials

Address: Av. Francisco I. Madero 71, 06000 Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico.

Tacos De Canasta means “Tacos from the basket.” It is a very popular street food, making it perfect for nibbling while playing Chile slots. What makes them special is the fact that they steam their tacos. Although there is nothing fancy about this restaurant or its food, it is a true taste of Mexico and is packed with flavor and tradition.

4. Hill

Tennyson 133, Polanco, Polanco IV Section, Miguel Hidalgo, 11570, Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico.

Pujol was founded in 2000 by chef Enrique Olvera and was once named the best restaurant in Mexico City by the Wall Street Journal. Enrique had a passion for Mexican food and a dream to showcase its intimate and cultural flavor and spiciness to the world.

No matter what kind of food you like, or which side of the world of Mexican food you feel like trying, in Mexico City there is something really delicious for everyone.


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