One hour from the beautiful town of Valle de Bravo, Very Muy Épico is located, an incredible space immersed in nature.

It is located in “EL PEÑON”, a town that is part of the rocky area of ​​Temascaltepec in the State of Mexico.

Very Muy Épico has cabins, nests and glamping sites to give you one of the best experiences in nature. It is also a space that has activities such as canyoning, hiking, and various activities that invite you to explore nature.

They also have courses where you can learn about spearfishing, survival, rock climbing, first aid, among others. I invite you to visit their page to see all the options. In all social networks you find them like: VERY VERY EPIC.

Paco and I spent a couple of days in this place where we did one of the most popular activities, paragliding. The rock is one of the most visited places because it is one of the best in the world to fly and practice hang gliding and paragliding.

With a duration of 10-20 minutes, and a cost of 2,500 pesos, this space has all the equipment and all the professionals to create an unforgettable experience in nature.

All spaces can be enjoyed in the company of your 4-legged best friend, But it is important to remember that every experience in nature has its risks, in the area there are scorpions and other species that can be dangerous. It’s a matter of being alert and careful.

The spaces always have an accompanying landscape, it is the ideal place to rest from the routine.

A couple of days were enough to surround me with that beautiful landscape, there are always dogs everywhere and the night always comes with an embracing silence.

Furthermore, being so close to Valle de Bravo, makes it a fairly accessible place with the opportunity to enjoy many tourist sites around the area.

They have tours and activities every day, costs range from 250 pesos to 2500.

They have a restaurant and every type of accommodation you can imagine.

Without a doubt, Very Muy Épico has what you need to live an experience in nature far from the routine.

Thank you always for reading.

I see you here, to tell you about a new experience.

K, from Mexico.


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