The best beaches in Cádiz
Bolonia Beach, Cádiz

Today I am going to talk to you about some of the best beaches in Cádiz and how to visit them. The province of Cádiz has an enormous coastline, some 250 kilometers of coastline that mixes kilometer-long beaches and the most charming small coves. They generally have fine golden sand and blue-green waters, and are immersed in a most idyllic natural environment. They also have a good climate and, above all, many hours of light. Almost nothing!

The best beaches in CádizThe best beaches in Cádiz
Beaches of Cadiz

Everyone speaks wonders about the beaches of Cadiz! Many of them are for me, along with the beaches of Huelva and to the beaches of Cabo de Gataone of the best beaches what to see in Andalusia and in Spain.

Here in Cádiz you can enjoy both urban beaches and virgin beaches. There are more or less quiet ones and also very bustling ones (for all tastes), depending on the difficulty of access and the time of year in which you visit them.

Best beaches in CádizBest beaches in Cádiz
Bologna beach

The ones that I am going to recommend in this post are located between Sanlúcar de Barrameda and Tarifa. Are you ready to meet the best beaches in Cádiz? I’ll tell you what the most beautiful beaches in Cádiz in my opinion, or rather, the ones I like to go to. It could include many more, such as those of The victorythose of Chiclana, Conil o The Cachucha of Puerto Realbecause they are really fantastic, but I have to put a stop to the list.


1. Bajo de Guía Beach

The first of the best beaches in Cádiz What I am going to recommend to you is the Bajo de Guía beach, in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, which I love. You didn’t expect me to include it, did you? Yes, it is not as “natural” as some beaches in Tarifa, Zahara de Atunes or Bolonia, which unleash so much exoticism.

Bajo de Guía Beach, among the best beaches in CádizBajo de Guía Beach, among the best beaches in Cádiz
Bajo de Guía Beach, Sanlúcar. In the background the Doñana National Park.
Photo provided by my friend Charo. Thanks Charo!

This beach has three peculiarities that make it unique and different: it is located at the mouth of the Guadalquivir River, it opens the way to the Doñana National Park y eats to death throughout the entire avenue of the same name.

2. Beaches of Rota, one of the best beaches in Cádiz

I have to admit that when I first visited Rota I thought it would be a place frequented exclusively by aircraft carriers and tall, strong, uniformed American creatures. How wrong I was! The town of Rota has very beautiful beaches such as Rompidillo and Chorrillo (both urban), La Ballena, Puntalillo, La Costilla, Punta Candor and Galeones. Therefore they deserve to be among the best beaches in Cádiz.

The best beaches in CádizThe best beaches in Cádiz
Rota urban beach

In addition to spending a day at the beach, you can be amazed by its well-kept historic center of white alleys that look pretty geraniums and with their gastronomy with two stars that shine with their own light, the start and the Urta Roteña. I leave you all the information about what to see in Rota.

3. La Caleta Beach

You will probably be surprised that I have included La Caleta in the list of best beaches in Cádiz. For me it is not the best beach in Cádiz, but this family beach is essential if you want to know the most authentic Cádiz atmosphere and enjoy the Cádiz essence.

La Caleta Beach, CádizLa Caleta Beach, Cádiz
In the background, La Caleta beach, Cádiz.

If you decide to visit this beach, don’t forget to walk through the historic center of Cádiz. It will make you discover with amazement an almost unaltered architecture from two centuries ago. I leave you the link with all the information about what to see in Cádiz.

4. Playa del Palmar, another of the best beaches in Cádiz

The El Palmar beach It is the beach of Vejer de la Frontera. It is located very close to Conil de la Frontera and is one of the most beautiful virgin beaches in Cádiz. It is an extensive coastline several kilometers long that allows for long walks.

El Palmar, one of the best beaches in CádizEl Palmar, one of the best beaches in Cádiz
El Palmar de Vejer

For years, talking about El Palmar means talking about the beach and parties, especially on the promenade and in the beach bars. This fact has meant that it is very busy during the summer. But El Palmar is also synonymous with romanticism because here there is an appointment that for many is the best sunset from the entire province of Cádiz.

Beaches of CadizBeaches of Cadiz
On one of the quietest beaches in Cádiz

Its climatic and environmental characteristics make El Palmar an ideal beach for surfing and bodyboarding. If you like this type of sports you might be interested in joining this surf course in Palmar de Vejer.

Comets in El Palmar, CádizComets in El Palmar, Cádiz
Sports activities on the beach

If you continue walking towards Zahora Beach (which I talk about below) you will reach the La Mangueta Beach, a completely virgin beach (free of buildings). It is another extensive sandy area where some users practice nudism (due to being far away). There is a beach bar located and next to it the Parking Ohju Beach which you can go to on google maps from this link.

5. Zahora Beach

Zahora Beach (municipal district of Barbate) was recommended to us by our friends Álvaro and Elena, who are passionate about Zahora and «To Cai«. It is located between El Palmar and Cape Trafalgar. Perhaps it is the least known place listed in this article. It has a family atmosphere and the beach has golden sand and crystal clear waters. Although it is increasingly dressed for tourism, it is still not as crowded as some of the other best beaches in Cádiz, and therefore, we recommend it if you are looking for this type of beach.

6. Los Caños de Meca Beach, one of the best beaches in Cádiz

The beach of The Pipes of Mecca It is one of the most famous beaches in Cádiz, which is why it attracts many tourists every year. They call the town’s urban beach Pirate Beachwhich I show you in the following photo.

Pirate Beach in Caños de MecaPirate Beach in Caños de Meca
Pirate Beach in Los Caños de Meca

Next to the population center of Los Caños de Meca there are truly amazing virgin beaches such as Little Lulu Beach and the Los Castillejos Beach, both in the direction of Barbate. On these beaches, especially at Los Castillejos, some bathers practice nudism as it is further away from Los Caños de Meca.

The best beaches in CádizThe best beaches in Cádiz
Little Lulu Beach. In the background Los Castillejos Beach.

As it is logical to think, as you move away from Los Caños (in the direction of Barbate) the beaches are less crowded and more visitors practice nudism, as for example in the La Cortina Beachwhich could fit perfectly between the best beaches in Cádiz.

7. Zahara de los Atunes Beach

Even the name sounds exotic, right? Zahara de los Atunes Beach, also known as Virgin del Carmen beach, is about 1.5 kilometers and is ideal for family vacations as it offers all the services. Its sand is fine and golden and its waters are turquoise and crystal clear. It has several beach bars.

Best beaches in CádizBest beaches in Cádiz
Zahara de los Atunes Beach

The adjacent beach is the well-known playa Atlanterra (to the south), in fact many users confuse it with Zahara beach itself. In summer the beach has plenty of life and a very cheerful nightlife. As on the rest of the beaches in Cádiz, the sunsets are incredible.

8. Playa Los Alemanes, one of the most beautiful and best beaches in Cádiz

The Germans Beach It is located in Tarifa and for me it is one of the best beaches in Cádiz. It was the first beach I visited in the province of Cádiz, I would say about 25 years ago. It is located between Cabos de la Plata and Cabos de Gracia and belongs to the municipality of Tarifa. Although it is surrounded by beautiful homes located on the mountainside, it is not particularly crowded, not even in summer. Its natural beauty is overwhelming as you can see in the following photo.

The best beaches in CádizThe best beaches in Cádiz
Los Alemanes Beach

Near Los Alemanes Beach is the Cañuelo Beach, a virgin beach that you can reach by walking 1 kilometer from the Camarinal Lighthouse. Many users here do nudism.

9. Bolonia Beach, another of the best beaches in Cádiz

I still remember my shocked face when I first visited the bologna beach in Tarifa. That last! Bolonia beach, if not the most famous beach in Cádiz, is at least one of the three most famous. Its enormous popularity is due in large part to its large dune, of unquestionable beauty. Everyone wants to climb to the top of the dune, an experience that I highly recommend (except on days when the east wind blows).

Bolonia Beach, CádizBolonia Beach, Cádiz
The dune of Bolonia, and its beautiful beach.

Its landscape is completed by stone pines, golden sand and very transparent blue waters. Together with the large dune, they make the place a true paradise for those looking for virgin beaches. what to see in Tarifa. It is for me one of the best beaches in Tarifa and of the best beaches in Cádiz.

Right there the Romans built their factory city Claudia Baelowhose origin dates back to the end of the 2nd century BC

The best beaches in CádizThe best beaches in Cádiz
Aerial view of the Baelo Claudia ruins, on Bolonia beach
  • Where to sleep in Tarifa: good value for money they have The Riad, adults only y Missionaryvery well located.
  • Recommended excursions: A good way to discover Bolonia and the ruins of Baelo Claudia is through this free tour of Bologna and Baelo Claudia. You will see dunes, Roman and prehistoric sites. Do not miss it!

10. Playa de Valdevaqueros, Tarifa

Continuing towards Tarifa you reach the Valdevaqueros beach. What a play! Without a doubt, this is another of the best beaches in Cádiz. This beach is similar to that of Bolonia, due in part to its extensive sandy area and its large mobile dune. It is paradise for surf lovers, so you know, if you are one of those who likes to catch waves, point out this beach in Cádiz.

The best beaches in CádizThe best beaches in Cádiz
Playa Valdevaqueros

The place is full of places with a good atmosphere, mojitos, beers, drinks… they are overflowing in each of its many beach bars.

Map with the 10 best beaches in Cádiz

Before continuing I will geoposition you best beaches in Cádiz on a map so you can easily locate them, know how to go and decide which beaches to go to.

Travel to the best beaches in Cádiz

If you plan to travel to the beaches of Cádiz you should know that generally you don’t come here expressly to sit on a sun lounger and sunbathe (which you can also do if you go to hotels on urban beaches). At beaches of Cadiz You come to enjoy its beaches immersed in an environment of incalculable environmental value and almost always, more or less far from any urbanization. This fact has made it an ideal destination for those who want practice nudism or naturism.

Plate of fried anchovies in CádizPlate of fried anchovies in Cádiz
fried percaito

You also come to taste its rich gastronomyand of course, to know first-hand the art and the salt shaker that so characterizes the Cadiz and Andalusian people.

How much time do I need to go to the best beaches in Cádiz?

To visit all the beaches that I mention in this article you need more than a week. If you do not have this time and you only have one weekend in Cádiz I recommend that you visit 3 or 4 of them, no more.

Did you like the best beaches in Cádiz?

And here is my experience in which I consider the best beaches in Cádiz. Do you know any? Do you miss any that you especially like? Leave us a comment and give us your opinion. Thank you!


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