The 10 beaches of Yucatan that you should know” is an invitation to take a breath and visit amazing places that you may not have known existed.

We know that the list of popular beaches in Mexico is mostly made up of the beaches of Cancun, Riviera Maya and those of the Pacific, including those of Baja California.

But, you have to encourage yourself to discover new very beautiful options and where you are going to have an incredible time… Here we present the beaches of Yucatan.

What are the 10 best beaches in Yucatan?

In an extension of 400 km, a little more, a little less, since not everything can be traveled along the coast, you will find paradises where you can enjoy the sea and other proposals; sites that most likely convince you that they deserve a privileged place among the best beaches in the country.

Although they are not in the Caribbean, the sea and the sandbanks have nothing to envy, the settings are beautiful and for a reason they are part of what is called the Emerald Coast of Yucatan.

Visiting these beaches has two important points in its favour, one is that it is not an area with a large tourist influx like Cancun or the Riviera Maya, so you can enjoy more tranquility.

On the other hand, the proximity to other beaches on the same coast makes it possible for you to have the freedom to visit them all until you find the one you feel completely comfortable with.

Well now yes, enough of so much introduction, we are going to know some of the most beautiful beaches of Yucatan.

1. Whose

Starting from east to west, this is the first beach you find on the Yucatecan coast and its proximity to the Mexican Caribbean can be seen in its white sands and crystal clear sea that makes you fall in love.

The offer of lodging services is varied, with options just steps from the beach; It also has a good gastronomic offer with traditional dishes and some international cuisine menus.

You can tour the town on foot or rent a golf cart, do not miss the murals, the lighthouse and its viewpoint, the town church just a few steps away is also a very nice place.

Schedule a visit to the flamingos, ask the locals where you can find them.

yucatan beaches

2. Rio Lizards

Whether you are in a destination in Yucatan or Quintana Roo, Río Lagartos is one of the most attractive tourist proposals in the area.

You find it 2 hours from El Cuyo, 3 and a half hours from Mérida and just over 4 hours from Cancún.

What most attracts the attention of this destination are the alternatives of different and unusual ecotourism activities such as Las Coloradas, a huge lagoon with pink water.

There are different tours that take you to know the area and you can admire the beauty of the fauna of the place with pelicans, eagles, herons and other different types of birds, crocodiles and you can not miss the beautiful flamingos.

The Mayan Bath is another highly recommended experience. Then a dip in the beach will be ideal.

Stroll through the town and discover the best places to eat, there is a good gastronomic offer with local menus that are a delicacy.

3. Dzilam de Bravo

Two hours from the capital of the Yucatecan state you find this charming place and one of the beautiful beaches of Yucatan.

This little fishing village is pleasant to spend the day and enjoy the incredible postcards that its beaches offer you with a sea of ​​emerald green water and very calm waves.

Among the activities that you can do there, a boat ride to the island of the birds and Punta Arenas is a good idea, you will enjoy the sea, a beautiful landscape and you can ask if they take you to the X’ Buya Ha, the fresh water spring that springs up in the middle of the sea.

There is also a cenote very close called Elepeten or you may be interested in snorkeling, and if you like fishing, there are still tours so you can do it.

A nice walk along the sea is a very pleasant plan, the palm trees will mark your way to the lighthouse.

yucatan beaches

Photo: In Yucatan

4. Saint Chrysanthemum

This paradise is located 77 km from Mérida, just over an hour, and 10 minutes from Telchac Puerto.

It is a very beautiful beach and it has the advantage that it does not receive so many visitors so you can enjoy peace at its best.

Ask the locals the path surrounded by palm trees, a gift to your eyes; You can also hire a tour to see the mangroves and the waterhole, the perfect place for a refreshing dip.

The town center is very small, visit its square is very nice and you can also find games if you travel with children.

5. Telchac Puerto

This beautiful destination is located 1 hour from Mérida and is the one chosen to take the best photos, there are many incredible spots, so prepare your camera.

The beauty of the town is indisputable, the pier, the beach with palm trees and a few steps from the sea, the main square, are part of the attractions.

One of the highlights of this port is that it is 15 minutes from the archaeological zone of Xcambó, with well-preserved Mayan buildings that you can admire.

On your way to Xcambó you have two more activities to take advantage of, one is to make a stop at the Salinas Rosas, where in addition to knowing why the water is colored, you may be lucky enough to see beautiful flamingos. In addition, very close to the archaeological zone is the Sayá Bak cenote, visiting it and enjoying its water hole may interest you.

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6. Chicxulub Puerto

A very small but charming town, very close to Progreso and 50 minutes from the white city.

The beach of this destination is beautiful and very calm, perfect to enjoy an incredible day; the white sand and the transparent sea will accompany you.

A walk through the town will take you to its main square with the typical kiosk and you will surely find several places along the way where you can enjoy the delicious local food.

Get to know the Jurassic Trail, you can admire huge replicas of dinosaurs and learn more about the meteorite that fell on the town millions of years ago.}

Photo: Quadratin Yucatan

7. Progress

It can be said that, of all the beaches in Yucatan, Progreso is the most popular and this is due to its proximity to the state capital, only 45 minutes away.

For the same reason, it is its main port and it is the destination with the greatest tourist infrastructure and services.

It has a fairly wide beach, with a palapa area where you can relax and enjoy an excellent day by the sea.

Walk along the boardwalk, eat delicious menus in the restaurants in the area or some appetizer that they sell in the stalls, you can even enjoy a carousel on the beach, for which you have to go to the old fishing pier; Also note a walk to the cake house and the alley of love.

The main square is also very pretty and the Municipal Palace is stunning; a view of the lighthouse is a good plan and admiring the sunset cannot be missed either.

Foto: Unsplash

8. Chuburná

An alternative very close to Mérida, approximately 55 minutes away, is the beautiful beach of Chuburná.

The beaches are very beautiful and there is an area where they are somewhat different from those of the neighboring ports since they are narrower and on one side we find the sea and on the other the waters of the Chelem estuary.

Another good proposal of this destination are water activities, including a kayak ride through the calm waters of the sea you will love.

It is a good destination for camping, there are wide spaces where you can put your tent and enjoy an incredible day and night.

In the town there are several restaurants where you can try delicious menus, the most recommended are the dishes with fresh seafood in its different presentations.

A plus of this destination is that it is very close to Chelem, with equally beautiful beaches and you can take a two-for-one trip.

yucatan beaches

9. Sisal

Another of the beaches in Yucatan that you can include in your tour of the coast is this beautiful magical town an hour from Mérida.

During your visit you can enjoy a white sand beach and a beautiful sea; if you go early you can settle in one of the palapas and make the most of the whole day.

The main street is the one that takes you to the pier and where you find the letters with the name of the town; right next to it there are usually handicraft vendors, there are very nice things.

Do not forget to sign up for a bike tour and get to know the beauty of the destination and some beautiful murals, they will fascinate you.

10. Celestun

1 hour 46 minutes separate Celestún from the white city, a magical place ideal for nature lovers who will be enchanted by the Ría Celestún Biosphere Reserve.

This beach is almost virgin, perfect for relaxing, taking long walks and at night, admiring the beauty of a sky with stars. And if you stay for more than a day, getting up early and seeing the sunrise is an appointment that cannot be postponed.

The “almost” that we mentioned before, is because next to the beach you can find paradores where you can eat a delicious ceviche or some coconut shrimp or what do you think of the octopus, you can also cool off with a drink of your choice enjoying a pleasant atmosphere .

Boat rides, knowing the mangrove and seeing flamingos, are other options that you will like.

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