Currently, there are various technological tools that are intended to solve some tasks of daily life. Although young people are the most likely to use them mainly for entertainment, there are some whose benefits are aimed at protecting the elderly.

For example, downloading the Eyezy app for free can be a good option for locating a person who has become disoriented or lost, something common in older people who begin to show signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s or senile dementia.

This publication details some technologies aimed at preserve the physical integrity of the elderly, and others to assist them in the appropriate consumption of medications.

Technologies for security

There are both software and hardware on the market that can be used by children, couples or those responsible for the elderly to verify that these are safe, such as those described in the following sections.

Apps de control parental

These are free or paid programs, with which you can geographically locate a person, as long as said software is installed on your mobile and has internet connectivity. They are very useful when looking for an older adult who does not appear.

Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)

The PERS are mobile devices that allow the location of the person who carries them, through GPS technology. Also they have a terminal at home, from where you can press a button to activate a signal for medical help to come to your aid. It also tells your relatives or guardians if you have had a fall or any other type of accident.

WIFI monitoring camera

The purpose of this device is to monitor that elderly people who spend time alone, partially or permanently, or who are in the care of a caregiver are in perfect condition. In addition, it is possible to detect in time if the elderly person is at some type of risk.

These cameras occupy small spaces at home and can rotate in an angle of 360 °, giving full visibility of the entire space around it. They are controlled remotely using WIFI and transmit video in real time.

Technologies to monitor medication consumption

Older people gradually deteriorate both mentally and physically. Due to this, they have different medical prescriptions for the treatment of various ailments. However, remembering which medicine to take and at what time can be tricky, even for someone at their best.

Smart Watches

Smart watches or smartwatch have different functionalities and today they are a trend especially among athletes, since they can monitor the progress made with exercise, as well as measure hypertension levels, among other things. However, they can also be used as an assistant to remember when and what kind of medication to take. Reminders can even be set in case you haven’t taken your medication when instructed.

Digital medicine dispensers

This device is similar to the conventional plastic pill box. However, they additionally have a blocker that is disabled at the time when the medicine should be consumed. It also has an alarm that serves as a reminder to take the medicines at the indicated time.

Its use is very practical and simple, only pills should be placed in the dispenser tray. This can be done by the caregiver, the relative or even the older adult if they have the lucidity for this. Its configuration is done via the web, considering both the time in which it must be taken and the medication itself, since an elderly person probably consumes more than one type.

You will know if the dispenser is locked when a blinking light stays on. This will turn off when it is time to take the medication. However, at that moment an alarm will start sounding to tell you to take a specific medication.


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