Currently the networks and websites are full of promotions inviting them to take a year traveling to different parts of the world, appealing especially to young people. Take a gap year to travel the world backpacking.

It has become an increasingly common custom to hear from young people who take a gap year between their activities and/or studies to dedicate it to knowing destinations while traveling.

And according to experts, this type of break to travel abroad is beneficial for young people, since helps them perform better in their activities and also to be sure of the goals they want in their life. A renowned survey house ensures that the 75% of those who chose to do so faced the following stages with more optimism and happiness.

To achieve the best results, it is advisable have good planning in which the form of financing, the available options and the objectives that are intended to be achieved during the trip are included. A good idea to pay for the trips is playing on online casino websites like the one at tragamonedas netbet or participating in online poker tournaments.


The normal thing is that young people after finishing high school or high school want to continue their studies with a university degree. But that’s not what everyone wants. some prefer to take a break before entering higher education.

The pressure to carry out a decision leads many to take things slowly and embark on a backpacking adventure or do some volunteering that allows them to pay the expenses while sightseeing. And although there is talk of a gap year, the period can vary from a few months to a dozen.

Take a gap year to travel the world

Others decide to dedicate that space to themselves, take a break, learn new experiences, change their mentality, increase their skills, mature a little more and discover new directions. It is an opportunity to finish defining the direction they want to give their lives..

Although the reality is also that others do it with the intention of avoiding or skipping the responsibilities of the adult world or assuming another stage in their lives.

In other cases, family traditions in traveling have a profound influencedesire to live their own experiences or a somewhat adventurous personality.

These trends are more popular in some countries than others. Among Europeans, for example, Germany stands out, where it is common to see that young people finish their universities a little late and in the United States, this custom is gaining more and more followers and according to Forbes magazine, the figure has increased to 20% in recent years.

It is worth noting that in Latin countries, the idea has also been gaining significant ground and has become more of a trend after a few years ago President Obama’s eldest daughter decided to travel the world before beginning her career at Harvard.

The truth is that in either case, Well used, this experience can be quite stimulating, profitable and beneficial for the young person.

It should not be considered a waste of time, but rather as an opportunity to improve prospects at the level of studies and work. It is a period from which you have to get the most productivity to better train. It is leaving your natural zone and facing new challenges and learning to overcome them.

Take a gap year to travel the world


Certainly taking a year off traveling means calculate the expenses well so as not to stay halfway or fail in the attempt. But there are different options and programs that have been created that greatly benefit this possibility.

Volunteer programs or work and tourist visas help to a great extent to cover the expenses included in the stay. For example, one of the great options is Australia that offers hourly jobs while you have the opportunity to study English or a second option is Thailand, where you can work as a volunteer and have a fairly cheap standard of living.

Secondly, Various projects have arisen that partially or completely cover the expenses. One of the most notorious offered the possibility of traveling for two years touring nearly 80 countries, with the option of doing it by sea or land. Only for young people under 30 and over 20. The intention is to record some shorts on the journey.

The truth is that if you are passionate about the idea of ​​taking a break, rethinking issues and learning before continuing with your studies or entering the world of work, It is a door that opens in front of you.


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