Do you want to travel but still can’t? Read this post”Summer holidays 2022 When do they start?” and start planning it…

There are many of us who have already spent all the savings, between the holidays, some getaway on those mini vacations, kings and February events, everything contributed to make one happy, but the pockets are empty or almost…

But don’t get me wrong, we always have the possibility to save a little and go for a nice walk through the many places that beautiful Mexico has.

And if your idea is to organize a nice trip just for the next summer vacation, then we tell you the dates so you can update your agenda…

Summer holidays 2022 according to the SEP

The 2022 summer vacations, according to the SEP calendar, begin on July 29, 2022, with the end of school courses on the 28th of that month.

The time that the vacation period will last cannot be known yet since the SEP 2022-2023 calendar has not yet been published, which establishes when classes start for the next school period.

Maybe you are reading this and you say: But there is so much, so much missing…

The truth is that if there is a long way to go, but check our post on Holidays and long weekends in 2022, you will surely find that date for a getaway of at least one or two days, try it!

summer vacation 2022

Tips to book your next summer vacation 2022

It is always a good idea to plan ahead, and if possible, buy your tickets and hire accommodation a few months before, to take advantage of good offers and better prices…

However, certain precautions must be taken to prevent all that effort, emotion and money invested from being in vain.

Therefore, it is ideal to consider some tips so that your summer plans are as you imagine, without fail…

1. Before buying tickets and paying for accommodation, make sure that you will have the chosen dates available; It may seem obvious, but sometimes the emotion of a good offer wins you over and you jump in, which has a 50/50 chance of going right or wrong…

2. If you risk buying tickets and paying for accommodation without having confirmed dates, either because of your work or some other impediment, choose to buy tickets with the possibility of changing the date free of charge and if you hire accommodation, also make sure that you can cancel or reschedule It is somewhat more difficult but not impossible…

3. To save a little, you can encourage yourself to get tickets early, take the trouble to check the price of the flights often, suddenly a good promotion appears and that will be your opportunity. The same goes for your hotel.

4. If you buy very cheap flights, check the policies of each airline, remember that they may have additional charges at the time of travel such as the TUA.

5. Check various accommodation options, there are hotels of various categories, there are hostels, there are glamping options, you can rent a house or apartment, choose the activity plan and based on that, your accommodation.

6. Investigate the chosen destination, it is good to know in advance what you can do in the place and plan some activities considering your desire and your company.

Beach, mountain, town, city, which is better?

When choosing the destination for your next summer vacation 2022, you will have to analyze very well what type of experience you want to live.

One of the first questions to consider is that it is a date that, in certain popular destinations, attracts a lot of people… Then analyze whether that is good for you or not.

If you like a destination but you know that this time is full of people and it is not to your liking, evaluate other similar places, in Mexico it will not be difficult to find another beautiful place to have a great time.

With almost 200 magical towns, you undoubtedly have incredible options to enjoy as you like…

Dare to live new experiences, new destinations and new ways of traveling, you just have to spend a little time investigating what alternatives you have.

In our blog there are many interesting proposals that may surprise you…

Choose a state and find what magical towns you find in it, what to do in that destination, etc.

And if you have no problem choosing a destination with a lot of people, keep in mind that you should reserve most of the services, accommodation, restaurants, tours, etc. in advance.

Regarding the latter, take precautions where you choose to make your reservations and more if you are going to pay them in advance, consult safe agencies, with references, avoid fraud.

Finally, a suggestion is that, whatever the place you choose, interact with the local people, they are the ones who can recommend the best of their gastronomy, incredible places, unforgettable walks and everything beautiful that you can enjoy.

We hope that these data are useful for your next trip and remember that if you need help, just send us a message here or you can call us at 8004440618 and we will gladly advise you.

summer vacation 2022


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