By: Adriana Hernández

A few years ago, I would not have imagined that I would be able to travel to Europe. My husband and I had just celebrated 15 years of marriage, and our jobs in print media helped us survive and pay for our house. However, after a difficult time for me, in terms of my mental and emotional health, I decided that my life required a drastic change, so I changed my career to something I was truly passionate about. From then on and after seeing Alan make his dreams come true, I asked myself: And what prevents me from traveling?

So Alan, you are responsible for the fever that arose in me to make my own dreams a tangible reality.

With a few years’ savings, in March 2023 we decided to travel to Europe. We decided that in April 2024 we would cross the Atlantic on a trip planned entirely by yours truly, so the task was stressful and exhausting, but wonderfully satisfying.

And it is our first stop that I want to talk to you about in this writing, the incomparable SWITZERLAND.
Of course I can’t talk more than a few points, since Switzerland is extensive and our budget was allocated to arriving in the city of Zurich and moving on the first day to visit Interlaken and Lauterbrunnen.
After an exhausting trip, on April 8, leaving Guadalajara to Mexico City very early, waiting almost 10 hours at the airport for our flight to Madrid, 10 hours of flight, 2 hours of waiting at Madrid-Barajas Airport for Taking our last plane to Zurich, and an hour and a half flight, we finally arrived at our hotel, which was located a 20-minute walk uphill in the city.

The next day, we were greeted by a beautiful view from the hotel balcony. We left for the train station very early because our next stop was Interlaken, a trip of approximately one hour, which the truth is not even noticeable, since the Swiss train system is spectacular and you are rejoicing in the beautiful landscape throughout. the journey.

Upon arrival we headed towards the entrance for the transportation to the Harder Kulm mountain, still hesitant about going up, since the day was cloudy and we feared it would rain. Something inside me said: YES, GO, so we bought the tickets, waited for the panoramic funicular and an unforgettable adventure began.
Upon reaching the top, the weather was cold, there was still snow and mist. We walked about 150 meters towards the viewpoint, and when we reached it, the clouds dispersed and a smile appeared on our face, the view was SPECTACULAR, on one side Lake Brienz and on the other Lake Thun, with its blue colors. turquoise, and in front of us, the snowy mountains. What happiness!

After getting off Harder Kulm and having a quick bite to eat at Coop, we took the train to Lauterbrunnen, about half an hour away. When you reach the valley, high mountains surround you and from them you can see many waterfalls, small and medium-sized, but the protagonist is the Staubbachfall waterfall, 297 meters high.

The commune of Lauterbrunnen is small and very picturesque, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and small houses in the purest Swiss style. Take a look at its very small and particular cemetery if you find it open.
On the return trip we were able to appreciate a little of the city of Bern, which seemed very beautiful to me at first glance.

The next day, we once again resumed the adventure by train and headed from Zurich to Lucerne, an hour away. Again, the landscapes did not disappoint at all, I felt like a child in an amusement park. Upon arrival we were able to see the only thing that remained of the old train station, after the fire, the magnificent door that is located in the square in front of the station.

Lucerne is a quiet city, with its old and well-known Chapel Bridge, the Jesuit Church and the Musseg Towers, without forgetting that from this city you can admire the colossal Mount Pilatus and walk around the pier on the lake of the four cantons.

When climbing the Musseg Towers, we had the opportunity to hear the ringing of the bells of all the churches at exactly 12 noon, it was such a beautiful and unforgettable sound.

Visiting its historic center is unmissable, you will realize the unique combination of old houses with shops of the best brands on avenues that have an air of luxury and power.

I confess that there I bought the most expensive magnets of my trip hahaha, but also for that reason, very precious to us.

They were only a few days, but they will remain in my memory forever, or perhaps, until I decide to return and create new memories in that small but great country. See you soon Switzerland!


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