We have another long trip on the horizon. But first, a stop “at the origin”…

It all started here. In front of the Plaza de los Carros. In the neighborhood of La Latina in Madrid. In 2011. See that little balcony on the top left? Just here. When there were only two of us. When our life was 80% work, 15% wine and 5% dreams of “someday”.

In that house we began to know each other and live together. In that house on February 23 we bought that one-way ticket to go “around the world” for only one year and it got out of hand. We didn’t want to have children. We did not know what would happen around the corner. And well, the rest is history. A very beautiful story resulting from a lot of uncertainty, a lot of vertigo, a lot of hope…

Before embarking on a new trip, we return to Madrid. Besides, all trips started here. Our second home. A city that we love and “hate” in almost equal parts (a bit like India). Where we were very happy also in a somewhat distant life with great intensity.

Madrid, we love you. A lot. We owe you everything.

We don’t like your traffic jams or your endless roads that, while you skip an exit, don’t come back. Not your tails. Not even your “hate” of street art and the neighborhood’s socio-cultural movement… but hey.

We love your open doors to everyone. For us you are the city that best welcomes you. Even though you came a while ago. We love your sunsets. your bars Your well-drafted beer. your details.

Thanks to you, with the good and the bad, we are where we are today. On this trip along the cable that gives us so much life. But always, always, always… before leaving, we go through you. To see you for a while. To remember what we lived together. Thanks once again.

And soon, we start again!

We have stopped here for a few days (after doing it in Gran Canaria), to see the grandparents and for them to see their grandchildren. We are leaving for seven months with our campervan Arminda. It will be a trip that will take us through Holland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.. Or at least, that’s the idea. Then we’ll see.

It will be our fifth long trip, the third for Koke and the first for Tindaya. The objective, once again, is to pursue nature and we add museums and children’s attractions of all kinds (now that it seems that it can be done… not like last year).

Every day we will be counting it on our instagram and facebook. We’ll bring sounds to our Hello World podcast and launch into some weird little things we’ve come up with on our Tik-Tok channel (which we’ve been standing and waiting for). On this website, over time, we will leave more relaxed articles. More ruminated. More elaborate. Immediacy versus reflection passing through various oddities.

We would like you to be on the other side, whichever medium you choose.

We continue!


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