Sigatoka River Safari Cruises to Victory at ANZ Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards

Fiji’s vibrant tourism scene witnessed a double celebration for Sigatoka River Safari as they bagged two prestigious awards at the highly anticipated ANZ Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards (FETA) ceremony. This accomplishment further cements the company’s reputation as a leader in Fijian eco-tourism experiences.

While the exact year of their triumph isn’t currently clear, it’s known that Sigatoka River Safari swept away accolades in the 2017 FETA, showcasing their dedication to exceptional service and environmental stewardship. Their victories resonated across two distinct categories:

  • Tourism Industry Leader Award: Recognizing the exceptional vision and leadership of Jay Whyte, this award highlights his significant contributions to Fiji’s tourism landscape. Mr. Whyte’s dedication to innovation and sustainable practices has undoubtedly propelled Sigatoka River Safari to new heights.
  • Fiji Pride Champion Award: This prestigious honor landed in the capable hands of Josua Ratukuna, whose commitment to Fijian culture and heritage stands as an inspiration. Mr. Ratukuna’s passion for sharing the beauty and traditions of his people shines through in every interaction with guests, enriching their journeys with invaluable insight and cultural understanding.

Beyond individual recognition, these FETA wins resonate for the entire Sigatoka River Safari team. Their dedication to responsible tourism practices, community engagement, and providing guests with unforgettable experiences is evident in every aspect of their operation. From their immersive river safaris showcasing Fiji’s breathtaking natural beauty to their cultural encounters offering authentic glimpses into Fijian life, Sigatoka River Safari consistently delivers experiences that transcend expectations.

The FETA awards serve as a testament to Sigatoka River Safari’s unwavering commitment to excellence. Their success inspires not only other tourism operators in Fiji but also sets a high bar for sustainable and culturally sensitive tourism practices worldwide.

Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline-pumping jet boat ride through the mangroves, a serene village visit, or simply a chance to connect with nature’s wonders, Sigatoka River Safari promises an unforgettable adventure. With their dedication to environmental preservation and cultural respect, they offer a glimpse into the true heart of Fiji, leaving a lasting impression on every visitor.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Fiji, be sure to include Sigatoka River Safari on your itinerary. You’ll discover why they’ve become a leader in Fijian eco-tourism and experience the magic that has earned them a place among the industry’s best.

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