Today, May 11, we celebrate Illuminated Saint of San Severino who was a Benedictine monk.

Saint Enlightened of San Severino lived and died in the Monastery of San Mariano, now the Monastery of Santa Caterina, in whose church he was buried, although it should be noted that he was not born in San Severino Marche (Italy).

Saint Illuminus of San Severino was very famous for the miracles he performed, which is why he earned sainthood.

Enlightened of San Severino is considered as the patron saint of San Severino Marcheand was appointed as protector of the city from 1702.

San Illuminado de San Severino belongs to the Order of San Benito.

Saint Illuminus of San Severino lived in the 13th century of our era.

There is no more information about the life and work of San Illuminado de San Severino, although what is a fact is that his celebration takes place on the day May 11.

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