A few days ago, the last sculptural piece of the tower representing the evangelist John of the Holy Family was placed, thus marking the end of the construction of the towers of the four evangelists.

Through its Facebook account, the Sagrada Familia announced this milestone and noted that an event would be held very soon to commemorate this great challenge, since the construction of this enclosure began in 1882 and with the completion of this tower it is getting closer and closer. the end of construction.

The four evangelical towers measure 135 meters high.

On November 12, an inauguration mass will be held in which the four towers of the evangelists will be illuminated, which will remain lit until Christmas.

Additionally, during the month of November, the city of Barcelona will hold several free cultural events to commemorate this great architectural milestone. There will be concerts, events for children and traditional castells (human Towers).

View of the Nativity facade at night

In late 2021, a 12-point star was placed at the top of the 138-meter-high Virgin Mary Tower to mark its completion.

For now, only one tower remains to be completed, the one that represents Jesus Christ; It will measure 172.5 meters high and will have a four-armed cross 17 meters high at the top.

Construction of the Sagrada Familia is expected to be completed in 2026 to commemorate the centenary of Gaudí’s death. At the end of its construction, it will be the tallest church in the world.

The Sagrada Familia was designed by Gaudi and stands out for being an example of Catalan modernism. When Gaudi died, only 10% to 15% of the project had been built, which included a transept, a crypt, and part of the apse wall.

During the Spanish Civil War, construction of the Sagrada Familia was interrupted and most of Gaudí’s designs and models were destroyed, so the current designs are based on surviving material and reconstructions, as well as adaptations of the original.

In 1984 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and in 2010 it was consecrated by Pope Benedict XVI for religious worship.

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