This week Art Week is celebrated in Mexico City, and Saenger Gallery will be present promoting the work of 16 artists in three exhibitions, three art fairs, a book presentation and a cocktail.

In ZONA MACO, Saenger Galería participates with the work of Rose Barberat, Robert Janitz, Mark Whalen, Mark Hagen, Javier Peláez, Fernanda Brunet and Ale de la Puente.

The work of Rose Barberat It revolves around portraiture, our time and humanity. It extracts symbols and signs anchored in our subconscious to question our relationship with the environment based on narrative and autofiction.

Robert Janitz It explores themes such as the history of portraiture or the mnemonic effects of the surfaces and textures that surround it, foregrounding the material qualities of painting. Mark Whalen explores the weight of social anxieties with humor through sculpture, painting and video. The work of Mark Hagen It has a geometric order and handles the possibility of expansion, subtraction, improvement and rearrangement. Javier Peláez He has developed a practice of more than 15 years that has taken him to the limits of representation and the possibilities of the image today. Fernanda Brunet He has created a pictorial language influenced by comics, nature and human sexuality. Ale de la Puente It poetizes the observation of space, carries out expeditions in search of symbolic natural phenomena and questions how we mean and how we relate to these events and symbols.

Additionally, as part of the ZONA MACO program, the book “Janitz en el Anahuacalli” will be presented on February 8 at 12:15 and 1:00 p.m. Participating in the presentation will be Karla Niño de Rivera Torresfrom the Anahuacalli Museum; Michel Blancsubéindependent curator; Suzanne Hudson, historian, art critic and professor; and Robert Janitzwhose most recent solo exhibitions include Sphinx (2023), KÖNIG, Berlin; Robert Janitz (2022), Anahuacalli Museum; The secret of the world (2022), SAENGER GALLERY; y Best of All Worlds (2021), Casa Gilardi.

From February 8 to 11 at Salón ACME Vol. 11, Saenger Galería will participate with the project “January 2024”, by Alexander Wertheim, who is presented for the first time in Mexico.

His work stands out for being a clash of entities that try to find order in the midst of chaos or show the internal struggle of a structure against its own disintegration.

Likewise, from February 8 to 11, the gallery will participate in the tenth edition of Feria Material with work by Yoab Vera, Rodolfo Díaz Cervantes, Iván Trueta Segovia, irak Morales, Daniela Franco, Cecilia Barreto, Alejandro García Contreras, Alfredo Gallegos Mena, Haruna Shinagawa, Scott Reeder and Benjamín Torres.

Yoab Vera He exposes his canvases to the elements, letting the rain and sun wash them until they awaken memories of other places and moments. Rodolfo Diaz Cervantes He is interested in chance and order, in superstitions and in the magical value that people give to objects. Iván Trueta Segovia reflects on the normalization of violence, tragedy and misfortune in the contemporary context, using irony and absurdity as critical devices. iraq morals It addresses the sensitive, the material, the political, the economic, the real and the fiction of objects and representations. daniela franco uses collaboration as the main platform and conceptual art as narrative to spin stories from the observation of everyday life. For Cecilia Barreto Aguilar What remains of beauty in late capitalism has become the scene of dispute between a State in reformulation, the forms of neocolonialism and the emergence of organized crime. Alejandro Garcia Contreras explores themes inspired by contemporary popular culture, folklore, myth, the occult and religion. Alfredo Gallegos introduces materials foreign to everyday life: elements that have been transmuted, where each material is considered a source of information. Haruna Shinagawa It is expressed by peeling off parts of the paint from the canvas, raising questions about modern times and illusions. Scott Reeder uses black humor and cultural criticism to expose the absurdity of life. Benjamin Torres It finds its references in the collection, dismantling and analysis of certain devices of consumer culture and media information.

Without a doubt, Saenger Galería will have a great participation during Art Week, it even has more events, if you want to know all the details of each one, check the Saenger Galería social networks.


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