To escape the heat during the summer months, it is not necessary to travel to the coast. In Cáceres, you will find a large number of bathing areas where you can enjoy a good dip away from the overcrowding of the coast. If you are looking for nature and tranquility to spend this summer, we present a proposal for some of the natural pools in the north of the province of Cáceres.

1Hells Gorge

We start with one of the most famous corners of Cáceres, the Jerte Valley. In addition to being known for its cherry trees, it also has one of the most famous natural pools in this province of Extremadura. We refer to the Hells Gorgean area known for the natural monument of the pylonswhere you can take a dip and go on several hiking trails through this Nature Reserve.

The pylons from the bridgeThe pylons from the bridge
The pylons from the bridge

Los Pilones are made up of different pools, a consequence of the remodeling of the waters of the Jerte River over the rocks over time, giving rise to several waterfalls of great beauty. You can only get to the enclave on foot, on a one and a half hour hiking trail, which is well worth it so you can discover this idyllic place.

Pool - Los PilonesPool - Los Pilones
Pool – Los Pilones


downloadmaria is a small town from Cáceres, with a most curious name, in the middle of Sierra de Gata. After visiting the beautiful town of Robledillo de Gata, nothing better than taking a bath in the natural pools of Downloadmaría. Formed by a huge pool of transparent waters, a beautiful waterfall and a leisure area where you can enjoy the day while preparing a barbecue.

Natural pool of Download MariaNatural pool of Download Maria
Natural pool of Download Maria

3Charco de la Olla

We continue with The Mestasa beautiful town in the region of Las Hurdes, famous for its honey and where we find, next to the bridge at the exit of the town, a natural pool formed by the crystal clear waters of the Ladrillar river and which receives the name of the Charco de la Olla.

The MestasThe Mestas
The Mestas

In summer, Charco de la Olla has a beach bar, as well as different staggered areas. A place where the residents of the town spend a pleasant time sunbathing and enjoying its waters.

4pine franked

We continue in Las Hurdes, to approach the municipality of pine frankedwhose waters from the Los Angeles River, allow during the summer to create a natural pool of great amplitude, and very popular with the residents of the nearby towns.

pine frankedpine franked
pine franked

Its natural pools have several areas with different depths, a rest area with trees and even a beach bar so that you can enjoy summer afternoons in this area of ​​Las Hurdes.

5Gata’s Robledillo

Next to the aforementioned Downloadmaría, we find one of the municipalities with the most tourist attractions in Cáceres, Gata’s Robledillothanks to its unique urban architecture and the Árrago River, which leaves some waterfalls as it passes through the town.

River environment - Robledillo de GataRiver environment - Robledillo de Gata
River environment – ​​Robledillo de Gata

In Robledillo de Gata you can find a small pool created by a dam, but with great scenic beauty. In addition, it is an adapted bathing area thanks to a stone staircase that facilitates access to its waters for children and adults.

6the gasco

With its 100 inhabitants, the gasco It is a small farmhouse in Nuñomoral that is located at the end of the road in a narrow valley where two streams meet, the Malvellido river and the Miacera stream, where their waters have left a beautiful meandering landscape in their wake.

Natural pool - El GascoNatural pool - El Gasco
Natural pool – El Gasco

At the exit of the town you will find several pools and also a natural pool that also has its own beach bar next to it. From here you can take several hiking trails to reach the Gasco volcano, a geological formation resulting from the impact of a meteorite millions of years ago, or the Jet of the Meanceraa beautiful waterfall that is located a few kilometers from here.

Jet of the Meancera - El GascoJet of the Meancera - El Gasco
The Meancera Jet – El Gasco

7Lower Riomalo

Like Las Mestas, Riomalo de Abajo is a farmhouse that belongs to the municipality of Caminomorisco. It is located on the border between the provinces of Cáceres and Salamanca, and it is from its viewpoint that you can see the famous El Melero meander belonging to the town of Sotoserrano in Salamanca.

The Melero MeanderThe Melero Meander
The Melero Meander

The Riomalo de Abajo natural pool was built taking advantage of the Ladrillar riverbed, which a few meters further on flows into the Alagón river. It is one of the largest natural pools in the area, which extends from the bridge over which the entrance road to the town passes to a wooded area where the track that leads to the Mirador de La Antigua starts. Next to the swimming pool there is a campsite so it is a very busy place in summer.

Brick RiverBrick River
Brick River


A few kilometers from the town of Alcántara is The quarry, a bathing area that, as its name suggests, was originally a quarry from which material was extracted for the construction of the dam. And that currently forms a small lake surrounded by rocky cliff-like walls, where vultures and other birds of prey nest. It has a depth of more than 50 meters at some points, although the entrance is formed by a small uneven beach.

Alcántara Bridge viewpointAlcántara Bridge viewpoint
Alcántara Bridge viewpoint

To access you must take the EX-207, crossing the Puente de Alcántara in the direction of Portugal. Approximately one kilometer from the bridge there is a detour to the right. A few meters away there is a viewpoint with fantastic views of the dam and the Roman bridge, and later a path to the campsite and La Cantera.

In addition to the pools that we have mentioned, in all the region there are numerous less accessible pools and gorges. Although it is not essential, it may be a good idea to bring rubber sandals to the bathroom to avoid getting hurt by river stones, slips, etc.

Above all, be clear that most of these natural pools do not have a lifeguard and logically do not have the security measures that a municipal pool may have. If you go with children you will have to be very aware of them, both in the water and in the surroundings (rocks, logs, ledges, etc…) to minimize the risk of slipping. You also have to be a little careful with possible hypothermia (the river water is usually very cold) and sudden changes in temperature, also take care of the issue of sun creams, etc. And we just hope that this summer you will enjoy one of these natural pools.

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