These are some of the best romania christmas markets What can you visit. In them you can enjoy the essence and Romanian Christmas spirit that makes it unique and different from any other market in Europe.

Brasov Christmas market in Romania

I have visited dozens of christmas markets in europe. Although christmas markets in germany are insurmountable for me, I have to tell you that the romania christmas markets They have an extra little point that makes those of us who like to travel around Europe in search of Christmas stalls, mulled wine, ice skating rinks, merry-go-rounds, Ferris wheels and in general, a spectacular historical and festive atmosphere during Christmas really like it.

Romanian Christmas Markets
Christmas decorations

Below I indicate three of the best romania christmas markets that you can’t miss. Before, I have to tell you that to visit them the ideal is rent a car at this linkor reserve this two-day tour of Romania so as not to complicate yourself with the preparations.

1. Sibiu, one of the best Christmas markets in Romania

Sibiu is one of the most fascinating cities what to see in Romania. How much wonder gathered in one, this city! Its roofs seem to watch you and watch you with those eyes hidden among the hundreds of tiles! They are everywhere!

Romanian Christmas Markets
A street from Sibiu

Sibiu is the main Romanian destination for all those who want to know the best spirit of Christmas markets what to see in Transylvania. I read that he was the first romania christmas market specifically in 2007 when the city was the European Capital of Culture.

Sibiu Christmas market, Romania
Sibiu Christmas Market

In this beautiful romania christmas market Located in Piața Mare (in the heart of the old town), the blanket of stars that surrounds much of the market square stands out. The atmosphere present in each of its stalls, ferris wheel, little train and merry-go-round for the little ones and other attractions is simply magical.

Christmas markets in Romania, Sibiu
Sibiu Christmas market in Romania

Don’t forget to order a mulled wine (Vin Fiert) so typical of these dates at some of the wooden stands.

  • In 2023 it will take place from November 17, 2023 to January 2, 2024.
  • Official website here.
  • In Sibiu we spent one of the nights of the trip to Transylvania. Two good recommendations for sleeping are T House y Roomzzz Sibiu.

2. Brasov, another of the best Christmas markets in Romania

Brasov is one of the most beautiful cities in Transylvania and Romania. Its historic center, in which there are many colorful houses, seems like something out of fairy tales, and therefore, any traveler will fall in love with it.

Christmas markets Romania, Brasov
Christmas market in Brasov

The Brasov Christmas market is located on Council Square next to the Black Church and the Black and White Towers. Its tall Christmas tree located in the center of the square presides over this beautiful romania christmas market.

Brasov Christmas market
Ordering a Vin Fiert at one of the stalls

It offers visitors the opportunity to buy crafts and gifts from local producers: figurines, candles, toys, wood carvings, Christmas tree decorations, masks, etc.

During the weekends, mask shows, traditional customs and carols, dances and folk music recitals come together.

3. Bucharest, the Christmas Market in the capital of Romania

The Bucharest Christmas market is located in the Constitution Square, specifically here (link to open in google maps), next to what is perhaps the most popular building in the city, the imposing Parliament Palace, which has nothing more and nothing less than 350,000 m2. Its 15 meter high Christmas fir tree is decorated with Christmas sweets, bells and lights.

Christmas market Romania, Bucharest
Bucharest Christmas Market

In this beautiful romania christmas market You can ride the huge Ferris wheel present in the market and even try your luck at the ice skating rink present. In addition, this Bucharest Christmas market is perfect for tasting Romanian food such as sweetbreads, mămăligă, sponge cake, mulled wine, gingerbread, pancakes, fruit jam, honey, syrup, etc.

Bucharest Christmas market, Romania
Scenery of the Christmas market in Bucharest, Romania

It also has a stage where dozens of children and artists sing traditional Christmas music, concerts, dance shows, gifts for loved ones, traditional decorations and products from all regions of the country.

4. Cluj-Napoca, another of the best Romanian Christmas markets

Cluj-Napoca is a city that combines the medieval charm of ancient buildings, cobbled squares and narrow alleys with the effervescence of a modern academic, economic and business center. It is said about the Romanian city that everyone who visits it ends up falling in love with it.

Christmas ornaments
Christmas decorations store

We were not able to visit this recommended romania christmas market Due to lack of time but given the recommendations of our Romanian friends I wanted to include it here in case you have time to visit it. This romania christmas market It is guarded by the majestic church of San Miguel. It has a skating rink around the statue of Matia Corvin. Every night there are concerts of Christmas carols and seasonal music.

Flights to Romania to visit the Christmas markets

From Spain, the two best options I know are with Ryanair and Wizzair since you can always find flights for less than €100 if you buy them in advance. In this website you can find the best deals on cheap flights to Bucharest.

Ryanair in Romania
Ryanair plane

Car rental to visit the Christmas markets in Romania

If you plan to visit the Christmas markets in Romania I recommend renting a cheap car on this website. With a rental car you can move at your own pace.

Where to sleep in Romania

I usually reserve a room in advance because during the date on which the Christmas markets are set up in Romania the best options are usually reserved. I recommend you search the well-known Booking in this link and book in different cities and towns on your route, as I have described previously.

Travel insurance for traveling to Romania

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